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Why It Is Important to Wear Goggles When Skiing

For anyone that is new to the world of skiing, they may wonder why so many people wear goggles while doing so and if it is something they need to do themselves. Why It Is Important to Wear Goggles When Skiing and if it is something they need to do.we will discuss the reasons why below in more detail.

Why It Is Important to Wear Goggles When Skiing

They provide ultraviolet protection

A good pair of Ski Goggles will provide your eyes with full protection from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light, as well as type B ultraviolet light (UVB). Being exposed to this type of light while skiing can cause serious damage to your eyes, both in the short term and more longer lasting. 

Snow blindness is a condition that affects the cornea of your eyes after being sunburnt as a result of excessive exposure to this type of light. When at higher altitudes, like what you find yourself at when skiing, the level of ultraviolet light is increased by being magnified by the snow.

Although sunglasses will provide some relief, unlike goggles, they are not sealed around the edges and so some ultraviolet light can still make its way into your eyes. They also fit securely around your ski helmet and there is no need for you to worry about them coming off as you make your way down the slope.

They provide some contrast

Being able to see the contrast of a ski run, such as the dips and bumps, is vital for a safe and enjoyable experience. Wearing ski goggles help you to see these things better by providing you with some much-needed contrast between shadows and objects. 

Ski goggles come with different color lenses for when you are skiing in different types of environments. For instance, when it is sunny, a gray-colored lens works best for showing contrast.

They help to keep you warm

As you expect, it can get extremely cold while skiing, and a good pair of ski goggles can help you with this fact by providing some much-needed insulation for the top half of your face. They also help to shield it from the cold mountain air as you make your day down the side of it. 

Attempting to ski without wearing goggles will cause your eyes great discomfort and will make them water when the wind hits them. In addition to this, if it is snowing, that will get caught up in your eyelashes and eyes, significantly reducing your visibility. In some instances, it may get so bad that it causes you to crash.

They reduce glare from the sun

One of the biggest problems for skiers is the glare they experience from the sun and how that impacts their visibility while skiing. Wearing ski goggles that have particularly dark lenses helps to combat this issue and prevents the need for you to squint on those days when it is sunny on the slopes. Wearing ski goggles that have special polarized filters is even better for reducing sun glare while skiing.

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