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Why Has Gambling Become Synonymous with Tourism?

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In certain parts of the world, there has always been an element of gambling linked with tourism. In resorts such as Las Vegas, Macau and Monaco, the tourism industry can take responsibility for bringing a significant proportion of travelers into the region.

In recent years, the trend has climbed thanks to the easing of certain restrictions placed on gambling. If we consult this list of casinos in new jersey, we can see a clear increase in the number of options available and this reflects many other U.S. states.

The upshift in the United States followed a ruling by the Supreme Court back in 2018. A similar picture is seen elsewhere as tourism and gambling are beginning to become even more entwined. 

Why the Attraction?

Las Vegas is a perfect example of a location where gambling takes center stage. Back in the first half of the 20th century, the state of Nevada needed a new source of revenue to pay for the expensive Hoover Dam project.

As a result of the governors’ endeavors, Nevada became autonomous from the majority of the country as casinos started to become established. The media became interested, and Vegas and gambling became inextricably linked.

It would be wrong to say that there is nothing else to do here: This is an area of great natural beauty with stunning attractions such as Mount Charleston and the Valley of Fire but the Vegas Strip is the biggest draw by far.

As a result, part of the attraction for tourists is to say that you’ve ‘been there’. Sports fans will travel to the best stadiums in the world; nature lovers will head to the greatest natural attractions so; it stands to reason that anyone with an interest in gambling will gravitate towards the best casinos.

Vegas’ Challengers

Across America, bricks and mortar casinos are starting to open up. Atlantic City in New Jersey has been Las Vegas’ biggest rival for many years and more establishments are starting to appear. 

Over in Ledyard, Connecticut, the destination boasts the world’s biggest casino. The Foxwoods Resort opened in 1968 and it contains an incredible 4.7 million square feet of gambling space.

Development gathers apace and, at the very beginning of 2022, two new gambling establishments opened in the US. Bally’s at State College Pennsylvania and Caesar’s Sportsbook at Chase Field in Phoenix Arizona are the new boys.

In Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Arizona, the addition of new casinos will enhance the area’s tourist trade in the short term. It could be some time before any of those locations become synonymous with gambling but the same can’t be said for the following destinations.

Further Afield

Outside of Las Vegas, the most familiar tourist attractions for casino players can probably be found in Macau. Like the state of Nevada, the region has other sights to see including temples and museums, but they will take second place to the many gaming establishments that can be found here.

Included in the list of best casinos in Macau is the City of Dreams. Frequently abbreviated to CoD, it was opened in 2009 and set the economy back some $2.1 billion USD. Across 420,000 feet of floor space, there are 1500 slots and 550 playing tables so this is also one of the biggest casino locations in the world.

Like a lot of similar establishments, the City of Dreams offers a full package with 20 restaurants and hotel space on standby. It’s a stunning building that conveys a theme of luxury throughout.

Down on the Riviera

Speaking of luxury and opulence, the Sovereign State of Monaco has long been a destination for pleasure seeking tourists. With its yachts in the harbor and its spectacular formula one grand prix street circuit, it’s a prime location.

There are a number of decadent casino locations to choose from, but many tourists tend to head to the Sun. This is known to be far more relaxed and, in a location where exclusivity can be an issue, you won’t need an invite to get in.

The Wider World

Other top global casino destinations include Sun City in South Africa. Since the fall of Apartheid, the location no longer holds any stigma and tourist numbers have increased significantly over the last twenty years.

In London, the glamorous district of Mayfair is the destination for many tourists. Once again, there is plenty of choice, but the Palm Beach is the option for many.

Like all of the locations on this list, Sun City and the Palm Beach tie in glamour to casino play and that’s why tourism and casinos often go hand in hand. They are the epitome of opulence and decadence and, even those who don’t gamble on a regular basis want to visit once in their lifetimes.

That trend will continue and, with more locations easing restrictions on gambling, it can only increase.

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