6 Reasons Why Florida is the Best State to Live In

Have you ever visited the Sunshine State? It’s estimated that over 100 million people visit Florida each year. This makes it one of the most popular places to visit in the whole of the USA and even the world. It seems that Florida is one of those destinations that has something for everyone, whether you’re a solo traveler looking for adventure, a couple hoping to experience the legendary nightlife, or a family who is heading to an amusement park for the holiday of a lifetime. There are many reasons why Florida is the best state to live in, but there are six that stand out among the others.

Fall in Love with Florida

A quick word of caution for those of you who are unfamiliar with Florida – like anywhere new, you are more vulnerable to accidents and injury. With all the theme parks, tourists, and busy roads, you should always take extra caution when on a trip to Florida – see Florida PI Attorneys if you do hurt yourself. However, of course, there is so much to love about Florida, and here you’ll find 6 reasons why you’ll fall in love with the sunshine state.

Is Florida a Good State to Live in?

It has the best beaches

Florida has some of the best sunny beaches in the United States, with crystal clear waters and gorgeous white sand, you’ll find somewhere to rest, relax and enjoy the sun along its 663 miles of breathtaking beaches. Including Palm Beach, Clearwater Beach, Naples Beach, and Key West to name just a few.

The people are super friendly

Sunshine makes people happy! So, it’s no wonder that Floridians are some of the happiest people in the US. Many holidaymakers and visitors to the state report that locals are incredibly helpful, kind, and accommodating, making their visit to the sunshine state even more memorable.

The food is famous

You don’t get anything fresher than an orange from Florida. And if you’ve always wanted to try a Cuban sandwich, then you’ve come to the right place. Key lime pie, strawberry shortcake, seafood, oysters, and a huge array of craft beers to try – Florida is a foodie’s paradise.

It’s theme parks

Well, it wouldn’t be an article about Florida if we didn’t mention its world-famous theme parks. World Disney Florida, MGM Studios, Universal Studios, Aquatica, and Bush Garden are available and open to visitors 365 days a year!

The weather

Endless sunshine, occasionally broken with bursts of cooling rain. Florida is known for its balmy temperate and its humid climate, meaning it is sunny almost all year round. Don’t forget to always keep hydrated and to use sun protection, though.

Its wildlife

Florida is just as famous for its wildlife and as Florida hosts all kinds of environments from beaches and rivers to swamps and jungles, you can bet you’ll find an array of wildlife there. Alligators, sharks, snakes, bats, bears, and beavers… It’s an ideal place for animal lovers, but we don’t advise that you get too close to these creatures if you do come across them – admire them from afar!

Last Updated on April 17, 2023

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