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Why Fiji Islands Is A Great Choice For Your Next Family Vacation

happy family of three, dad, mom and son, enjoying stand up paddling during summer vacation.

Fiji Islands seem like a perfect secluded paradise with pristine beaches that you can consider the best hideaways. Yet its 333 islands are not your average beach destination. It has been establishing itself as one of the best getaway places you can easily reach from Los Angeles in a few hours. So, if you’re thinking about where you and your family can go for your next vacation, this article will give you reasons why Fiji should be your next go-to location.  

  1. Fijians Are Friendly 

The Fijians are some of the best people you will meet, mainly because they are part of the happiest people in the world. The Fijians have a strong community spirit, and that shows within their families and the people in their communities. Thus, it’s not hard to love them because of their warm nature and friendly disposition. 

  1. Exciting Resort Activities For All 

Life in Fiji is centered around the family, making it a family-friendly location where resorts are scattered all over. These resorts have built-in amenities where children and parents can have fun bonding or enjoy time separately.  

Resorts similar to Naviti Resort (Fiji) will commonly have facilities designed for infants and toddlers. Older children aged 4 to 12 will have the time of their lives in supervised children’s clubs. However, the resorts don’t stop with the usual entertainment because they also take advantage of the islands’ natural beauty through guided activities for teenagers. They will surely fall in love with snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking through scenic locations. 

Fijian resorts are equipped to keep the kids entertained and safe throughout the day. With this, parents can enjoy the islands by going on excursions and relaxing at the pool after or going for a spa treatment. The parents and the children can reunite later for a sumptuous family meal and enjoy the evening activities, including the much-loved cultural Fijian dances.  

Tourist girls (age 3 and 6 ) interact with Indigenous Fijian woman and pick up flowers during a visit in Navala village on the highlands of Viti leavu island, Fiji. Real people
  1. Stunning Tropical Landscapes 

Stunning beaches are not the only natural wonders you’ll encounter in Fiji. It boasts of tropical treasures that only the tropics can offer. Plus, there are many activities to do. It’s almost impossible to be bored on the island. 

The northern section of Fiji is similar to the Kauai Island of Hawaii because of its waterfalls, rainforests, and hidden villages. The island of Fiji has breathtaking coastlines that travelers won’t want to miss. Taveuni Island, which is nearby, is known for its natural rock waterslide. Visitors can also get a chance to trek the three-mile-long Lavena Coastal Walk that can be found at the Bouma National Heritage Park. Gorgeous twin falls will welcome you at the end of your walk.  

If you have a taste for adventure, try the primary island of Viti Levu, which has northern highlands that can be explored through the hiking activities that resorts offer. Fiji offers a range of hiking activities for varying fitness levels, allowing tourists to scale mountains, explore caves, and take a dip in the island’s clear waters. If it’s your first time hiking with your kids, it’s best to prepare them before the trip. 

Additionally, you and your family can immerse yourselves in the lovely Fijian culture through setup day trips. Resorts also offer overnight stays in traditional villages if your family is up to it.  

  1. Affordable Getaway 

If you think a vacation to Fiji will break the bank, you must do thorough research first. Fiji’s beautiful location, friendly atmosphere, and excellent resorts are undoubtedly awe-inspiring, but they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Although the islands are known for their luxurious areas, you and your family can also find many affordable spots that suit your budget. Hence, it’s safe to say that Fiji is for everybody. 

Expect to find family-friendly accommodation, food, and drinks. You can also save even more by booking a room with a small kitchen where you can easily budget and prepare your meals. Prepare for the trip by learning to make quick meals without meat, for example, as they are slow to cook. Guests can also bring non-perishable supplies and Duty-Free alcoholic beverages to a specific limit.  

Fiji is not only affordable, but you can easily reach the island through any of the West Coast cities via a 10-hour flight. You can book a flight in the evening, get some shut-eye, and wake up in beautiful Fiji paradise. 


Take your family on a unique vacation in Fiji, where you can experience warm Fijian hospitality with exciting activities waiting for you. The Fiji Islands have many family-friendly resorts with amenities that children and parents can enjoy. You’ll also get the chance to explore the natural wonders of Fiji through excursions and day trips. There’s no need to worry about your expenses because many locations are budget-friendly, but aren’t cheap when it comes to attractions. 

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