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Why Do We Go to All-You-Can-Eat Bottomless Buffets


Why Do We Go to All-You-Can-Eat Bottomless Buffets

buffet from a bottomless restaurant

Do you guys know about those bottomless buffets? I think they have become the staple of United States travel and cruise ship travel and all-inclusive travel. It always looks so tempting and so good. Usually the majority of the buffets that we see more, I guess internationally, would be for brunches, however, they are rapidly becoming a thing. That’s why today I want to talk about the bottomless buffet. 

Are All-You-Can-Eat Bottomless Buffets Good?

For some reason, I’m always pulled to these bottomless buffets. I remember me and my kids were in Utah and there’s a whole strip of these huge Asian buffets, you’ve got the Korean, the Chinese, the Japanese, or just the combination of all of them


Why do we get pulled to this gluttonous, never-ending array of Bad food? If you think about it, it’s bad food for super cheap $12.95 or $19.95 chances of you getting super crap quality nonstop unlimited food. On the other hand, high quality and unlimited food for that price? It’s not really going to happen, yet we still want to constantly go there. 

My kids and I went to one in Utah for the first one, you know this Asian, unlimited buffet and at the end, we were like, you know, it was gross, this was bad, it was you know, greasy, yet you see people coming in and just gorging like not even just having a bit, but gorging. 

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woman having a brunch on a bottomless buffet

Why do I go to bottomless buffets?

The reason why I love buffets is for the tasting. I’m constantly saying that all restaurants should have a tasting menu. Like where you taste all their different dishes on a smaller portion to get a perfect idea and this way you can come back and get the larger size and I actually think it’s a great way for a restaurant to bring customers coming back because you could have the taster. 

I remember me and my husband once went to this really cool Apple cider bar, and they had tasters that were tiny. They were like 12 different tasters between the two of us, and then we were like, okay, I really dislike this one, or I really love this one, and then we went and bought pints of those, and I just think it’s a great thing. 

My husband and I just went to this all-inclusive resort in Cancun and by the way, I have a podcast for Cancun, I have podcasts for Utah for the actual travel of it. So definitely go and check those out to really help you guys get oriented in those areas.

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We went to this all-inclusive where literally everything is included. There are five different restaurants on the property, and you get 24 hours room service, and you know, there’s a very large menu even though the room service is à la carte. And to be honest with you, I hear quite a lot of people ordering all hours of the day and night, including 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. So the gluttony never stops and all these inclusive resorts also give you nonstop of alcohol. 

a couple sitting inside a bottomless brunf buffet restaurant

Why do we go to bottomless buffets?

However, back to the bottomless buffets here, it’s like, what is it that caused us to do it? Right? The majority of the reason why we are called to this is literally that it just feels like we are rich or whatnot. I don’t know, but to me, it just feels like it’s this massive sense of gluttony and just overconsumption, that is really a big problem in the world, right? 

And it’s kind of ironic that we have this unlimited amount of food. Meanwhile, we’re in a country where half of it is starving. I don’t know the right black and white right dichotomies to all of this. However, once in a while it is definitely something cool and interesting to try out. 

My Recommendation

So if you are going to go and splurge on an unlimited buffet, I personally recommend saving your money and spending it on an excellent quality buffet. Because again, the reason why I’m mainly called to these buffets and the fact that it is all-inclusive when you go to the restaurants which are usually on the card, but you can literally order everything from the menu. 

I just wish that they would have a smaller size so that you could have a tasting, and next time if I come back, if I’m staying here for several nights I could be like, you know, this is the one that I want the full amount. So that to me is the reason why I go to these. However, to be honest with you, I always find myself eating really poorly when I do go to these endless bottomless buffets. 


So if you do go for one, You know, save a bit extra and go and make it a little more of an extravagant experience to get good quality delicious food rather than just like cheap crap that we, you know, we think of as far as these buffets anyway, this is my point of view of these bottomless buffets sometimes it’s great to experience it and make it as an adventure. But also, you know, you can start to really pick and choose what you want to eat and enjoy as far as these bottomless buffets.

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