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5 Reasons Why Central America is Perfect for a Family Vacation

Central America is paradise for solo travelers and all sorts of adventurers. And with good reason, it is a place filled with natural beauties, incredible biodiversity, and a wide variety of cultures. But lately it has also become popular among families with small kids and people retaining to Central America. Here are some reasons why Centrl America is perfect for a family vacation.

Reasons Why Central America is a Great Place for Family Vacations:

1. Kid Friendly Locals

For some reason, people in these countries seem to love kids. 90% of the population gives kids an amazing treatment to them. Most of hotels and restaurants are very accommodating when they see that you or your little one need something special.

2. Hotels

In this part of the world you can find anything from all inclusive resorts, to small boutique hotels and even vacation rentals. And as I mentioned earlier staff in most hotels will help you with anything you might need to make your kids comfortable.

3. Attractions

Many of the main natural and cultural attractions in Central America accept kids. In the case of tour companies, they even have special equipment. There are also places dedicated to kids where they can learn about the country in a fun way.

4. Animals

Central America is a region known for being home to many exotic animals, like El Quetzal bird from Guatemala. So what could be better than taking the kids along to explore their habitats and seeing them in the wild?

5. Ancient Cultures

South of Mexico and the northern portion of Central America were once home to one of the most influential cultures in human history – The Mayas. Now you can still see the remains of their enormous cities and learn about the modern Maya that are still around. Visiting these sites is a fun way for families to spend a vacation while learning.

Have you visited Central America with your family? How was your experience?

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