Why Are Climbing Chalk Bags So Important?

Chalk is used to get better on climbing holds inside the rock gym and on the actual rock.

Chalk isn’t only used in climbing, it is also used a lot in gymnastics and in weight lifting so it can get a good grip on the bars.

There are different types of climbing chalks to choose from.

  • Block form
  • Powder form
  • And even as a liquid – which is rare

Climbing chalk, or magnesium carbonate (MgCO3), has been used by climbers, lifters, gymnasts, and many other athletes to reduce moisture and increase friction.

Sometimes in bouldering, you don’t need to have chalk with you on the route, but most times you do. So don’t forget it at home.

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two kids doing indoor climbing

Where do you keep your climbing chalk?

Chalk Bags of course!

Chalk bags aren’t some simple baggies. They are very cool looking and a lot of times come are unique and envy-worthy designs.

At least the ones we just got from Grip Jammers. Here’s a sneak peek at the ones we love, more below. 

There are two types of chalk bags

  • Normal chalk bags
  • Bouldering bags

The normal chalk bag

is probably the size of a hat, and it has a strap so you can put it on and take it with you on a long route or on a boulder route. These chalk bags are the most common types because they are the cheapest and most convenient.

Bouldering chalk bags

are around the size of a medium-sized purse. They are good for bouldering and speed climbing because you can’t take them with you on the actual routes. They are larger, and normally are placed on the ground, easy to access, so you can just grab a lot of chalk and go. You can also use it to keep all your chalk, so you can refill your small chalk bag for lead climbing.

kid using chalk in a indoor climbing gym

Why Grip Jammers Chalk Bags

My kids climb. Daily. And love to have a cool factor too no matter what they are doing. But also they were in desperate need of quality chalk bags.

I’m a big fan of going to small creative people for unique designs rather than sticking to the same old big company names.

That’s how I found Grace Leong, the founder and creator of Grip Jammers.

My sons fell in love with the Minion Chalk Bag design and Patrick from Sponge Bob.

These chalk bags are compact yet they provide comfy chalking for the climber. It also has a super soft velvety exterior!

So soft that my youngest, when we first got it, slept with it until it simply became too messy on his bed.

About the Company

GripJammers was developed with a few reasons in mind. As most rock climbing gear have a standardized look and design, I (Grace) thought that it would be meaningful for climbers to express themselves with a unique chalk bag.

The soft toy that one selects to be their ‘climbing companion’ also emerges as a representation of their personal identity. For the young ones that have just started climbing, having a cuddly chalk bag as a climbing companion can also help address their fear of heights and uncertainty, and it makes climbing more fun for them too 🙂

In other words, she aims to make chalking more fun, and for these chalk bags to add a special touch to your climbing gear collection!

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My Take On It

And I have to say, from our personal experience, it’s true. My kids train daily with the national team, and these chalk bags have caused a frenzy with the rest of the kids.

kid climbing in an indoor gym

Where to Find Grip Jammers

You can find a ton of great designs on their Etsy shop. But be quick, most of them get sold out. We got the last Patrick for the moment.

And also, Instagram @gripjammers.

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Why Are Chalk Bags Important for Climbing?

Last Updated on February 7, 2022

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