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Why a Luxury Beach Resort in the Maldives Offers the Perfect Escape

Every year it is the dream of many to find total bliss and forget any worries while they relax and have fun. Finding a destination that is close to paradise where luxury is at the top of the agenda surrounded by beauty and the best amenities, is the perfect scenario.

Locating a private island in the middle of the Indian Ocean in a nation that straddles the Equator is as close as it will get to living the dream. But this is exactly what is provided for those who decide to spend their vacation at the highest quality luxury beach resort Maldives has to offer.

  • Imagine arriving on a breathtaking island in the ocean by a speedboat ride of 30 minutes from Malé International Airport and finding an incredible villa set yards from the beach with a view that provides a stunning sunset each evening. Next to some of the world’s most beautiful sands and by the blue sea, an image of utopia is complete. 
  • What a place to unwind and feel new again, with the villa providing a wonderful place to stay. The private sun terrace allows for plenty of chilled-out time after daily breakfast has been enjoyed, with a pool and daybed sitting over the edge, which allows for complete relaxation of the body and soul.
  • Having a free-standing, rain shower and open-air bathroom will have any guest feeling like a VIP while enjoying the dining area and loungers. All the essentials are provided, including an Espresso coffee machine, which might be perfect for a relaxing drink while reading and taking in the amazing ambience while researching the annual festivals for indie music lovers around the world, before enjoying dinner al fresco, served by a personal Villa Host.
  • The feeling of wellness and general happiness will be enhanced when exploring the dining experiences in the resort where local cuisine and international favourites are all available from some of the best restaurants in the Maldives. Those mouth-watering spices can be enjoyed fully, maybe on a lagoon if choosing Thai, enjoying a grill over the ocean, or maybe pizza and drinks by the pool.
  • Adventure and activity are satisfying for those who enjoy surfing or competing in playing beach games in a wonderful location. It is possible to sail on a private cruise with a captain who will find a desert island, for those seeking some special moments together. Dolphin watching continues to captivate those of all ages, while the spa and wellness resort is an ideal way to revive the body, with soothing Ayurvedic treatments delivered by expert therapists. It could invigorate enough to head in search of finding fantastic giant turtles.
  • The resort is also perfect for staging meetings and corporate events, while what is more beautiful than having a wedding with such an incredible backdrop, or indeed starting married life with a honeymoon there?

The beach resort in the Maldives provides the perfect dream vacation while surrounded by incredible scenery to allow guests to unwind in luxury.

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