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Why A Culinary Holiday Has to be on Your Travel Bucket List

Over the past two years, due to the coronavirus, our travel plans have been somewhat decimated, but thankfully things are now moving back to some semblance of normality, and it’s time for you to make up for lost opportunities and put together a truly memorable holiday that you’ll never forget. Why not make your next holiday something of a theme-based trip.Here are Why A Culinary Holiday Has to be on Your Travel Bucket List.

Culinary Holiday

So with this in mind, why not make your next holiday something of a theme-based trip and, specifically, one that is driven by a love of food. Clearly, we all love food, but some of us take a lot more interest and attention to what we eat, and that level of commitment and dedication deserves a reward in the form of a culinary holiday.

Great for Foodies

We all take food a lot more seriously than we may have in the past. This is down, chiefly, to the easy availability of great food (or all types), by that due to the rapid expansion of quality take-out food or because most major cities have restaurants that cover a multitude of styles and flavors.

That means we are trying out far more types of cuisine than we might have previously, and that has made some of us what is commonly known as ‘foodies.’ In other words, those who consider themselves to be connoisseurs when it comes to the food they enjoy.

For these types of people, and in a way, a lot of us are foodies without even thinking about it, a culinary holiday is an ideal option (especially as it’s now so long since you may have been overseas). 

So, firstly consider what types of food you’d like to get to know more about. Maybe it’s a trip to Italy to try out the amazing food on offer from the north of the country all the way down to the Sicilian coast.

Perhaps you have a deep love for Spanish food, then a short break to Madrid would bring with it a cornucopia of treats to try out, checking out the palaces of the capital city while also finding time to take a seat at the finest restaurants the area has to offer.

Where to Go?

A culinary holiday is one that you’ll have to put in a good deal of planning, but let’s be honest, doing homework ahead of a great trip isn’t tough and will help whet your appetite ahead of your journey there.

Select the locations that are highly rated, do the relevant research, maybe select some restaurants solely on the basis of their design. Perhaps a local eatery is famous for its elegance, with the finest restaurant tables and a design ethic that adds to the experience, almost as if it’s an ingredient itself. 

You need not only consider high-end establishments. Some of the best food can be found off the beaten path in less glamorous surroundings where the decor is less important than the tastes that are on offer.

Maybe consider mixing these up, which may help you to budget your trip. In other words, if you spend every night in a high-class restaurant, you may find yourself spending beyond your means, so read up on the places the locals often frequent. These are great for many reasons; firstly, they’ll be less tourist-driven, and secondly, they are more likely to be reasonably priced.

The third advantage here might be that you have to try out the local language so as to make sure you order the right dish and don’t end up with something that you weren’t expecting to digest.

Takes You on a New Adventure

When we go on our holidays, we often get overwhelmed with options and tend to fall into the same old tourist traps as we just don’t know what else to do with ourselves. However, if you plan a culinary holiday where you look to make the most of the great restaurants and local foods, then you have a solid reference point, to begin with.

Then your holiday moves into the territory of being something of an adventure and one that is easier to manage. In other words, if you are on a week-long trip to a great location where the city is known for its great food, you know you can plan seven great dinners, and if you are feeling very adventurous, seven new places to try for lunch. 

Try Your Hand at Cooking Local Dishes

Culinary holidays are not only a chance to try out new food from a new world you may not have visited before, but there is also the option to try out your own cooking skills. Many major cities offer great cooking classes that help you cook up a storm. 

Here you might find out how to make the best sushi (if you are in Japan), or if you are taking a cooking holiday in Italy, you can have some fun making homemade pasta, pizza, even some of the top pizza chains, and maybe even some gelato.

You may not consider yourself to be a great chef, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to hone some new skills that will be of great use when you get back home. A culinary holiday can be made up of eating in great restaurants and improving your own skills. Indeed, that might be the best of both worlds.

The sky is the limit, and don’t be afraid to try something new; your tastebuds will thank you for it.

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