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Which Vape is Better for Traveling

In order not to think about everyday purchases of cigarettes, an electronic cigarette will be a good alternative that will make life easier when you travel and will not cause a headache.

An electronic cigarette is a device that is safe for people around a smoker. It is due to the fact that the output product of a cigarette is water vapor, odorless and without harmful substances, and not smoke. The taste of steam depends on the fluid refilled in an electronic cigarette. It can be either nicotine-free or very strong. There are also many tastes to choose from.

Which Vape is Better for Traveling

So, what are the benefits of using an e-cigarette when traveling?

If you’re going on vacation, don’t forget to bring your vape juice.

1. In advance, you can take care of the stock of components on the road. They need very little. For example, if you plan a trip for two weeks, then you will have to take with you only a can of smoking fluid and, just in case, a spare evaporator and a battery. If there is a replaceable cartridge in the vape tanks, then you also need to capture its backup option. And, of course, do not forget the charger. All together can be placed in a travel pouch.
2. There will be no need to go to the store and buy cigarettes at a high price. Moreover, keep in mind that you can not always find your favorite cigarettes in another country. And the work schedule of many stores is very specific. Consider the national characteristics of a particular state.
3. Often smokers have no idea about the rules of smoking abroad. Thus, even without knowing it, they break the law, and then they pay huge fines. With an electronic cigarette, the situation is a little easier.
4. You can choose from two different sizes, there is the regular e-cigarette and then there are Mods. Take a look at this guide on how to get the best vape mod. So it is all up to you, it will depend on the size of vape that you are looking for.

Where to go in the summer to cool off?

Find out which countries are not recommended for vapers and how to properly transport your vape, specifically Sub-Herb (try this tank) on the plane.

In most European countries you are unlikely to encounter any significant restrictions regarding the use of mode. But there are some tourist destinations where soaring is not at all welcome. If you are not ready for vape restrictions, it is better to forget about the rest in these countries.


All inclusive, and you are welcome here, but the country is quite strict with the laws governing the use of mods. The Turkish government is actively fighting against smoking, but electronic devices for soaring have also come under the hand. You can use them in hotels only in specially designated areas.


If you can’t imagine life without your favorite vape tank, then it is definitely better not to go here. Exotic rest implies a complete rejection of soaring: even the import of mods into the territory is strictly prohibited, for an attempt – confiscation and a fine. Bear in mind that there is criminal liability for hovering in Thailand.

United Arab Emirates

In this country, hovering is not held in high esteem, it is impossible to carry with you devices and liquids, they are most likely confiscated right at the airport. Nevertheless, it is possible to purchase a new mod in online stores. You can soar, but very carefully – only in specially designated areas.


The country is famous for its unusual traditions for foreigners, but for soaring, everything is standard here. And it’s very sad for those who don’t think of a day without a dry herb vape tank. It is possible to buy any products related to smoking only at the age of 20, nicotine fluids are prohibited (only by prescription), and it is tough to get nicotine-free liquids.


You can neither import nor use a vape in the country! The same situation is observed in Greece. So it is best to go hang out, definitely, in Ibiza! In other countries, everything is also far from being so simple: in some, the use of mods in public places is prohibited, somewhere you will not be able to buy a nicotine-containing liquid, but on the whole, hovering will be a quite affordable pleasure. Do not forget before planning a trip to find out all the nuances, and there – go ahead, soar and come off! After all, where else, if not on vacation? Memo for those who love beach parties: do not forget about safety rules, do not leave your mod in the sun. If soaring on the shore is allowed, ask the people around you if you will disturb them – out of elementary courtesy.

How to take a vaping device on the plane and is it possible to float there?

The most important thing you need to remember is that the carriage of mods in the baggage handed in when boarding is strictly prohibited. This is due to the fact that devices can overheat and ignite. You can take no more than five dry herb tanks with you in your carry-on baggage, the rest will be taxed.

Let’s understand which models and accessories are best suited for long journeys.

First, the energy-intensive battery comes in handy. For those who smoke about a pack a day, a 1000 mAh battery is quite suitable. Pay attention to such a nice extra feature, like “pastra”.

It will allow you to smoke while recharging a cigarette. This is possible thanks to the USB connector at the end of the cigarette. The device connects to a network, computer or USB cigarette lighter adapter and you can soar as usual. Moreover without additional battery wear.

The most energy-intensive are battery mods. Their charge may last for 2-3 days (2000-3000 puffs). Although the battery modes use more advanced vapers, there is nothing difficult in them – the device is quite simple to master.

When you go, also pay attention to how much and what kind of liquid you want to take with you. Its volume depends on the number of cigarettes smoked per day: smoke more – spend more liquid. Decide on the taste and strength in advance, because if you accidentally choose the wrong option, you will not be able to smoke throughout the trip.

For convenience, you can buy a pendant on the neck, so as not to forget the ecig tank in a restaurant, and always be able to take a couple of puffs during a pause. Just remember to take it off when you go swimming in the sea.

The electronic cigarette also has a lot of advantages if you go on a trip in your own car.

• The salon will not smell like cigarettes;
• The probability of accidentally burning an expensive upholstery is excluded;
• If there are children in the car with you, then the vapor from the electronic cigarette is absolutely safe for them;
• You will not spoil relations with non-smoking passengers;
• Do not open the window or lean out the window to do the craving;
• To charge a cigarette directly in the car, you can use a car adapter. Just plug in your cigarette with a USB cable.

About the author: Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of smoking and vaping on health and reasons of such its popularity.

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