Which Florida City is Best for Sports Lovers?

When traveling to Florida, most people will focus on beaches and theme parks. With some of the US’s best options for these, it’s no surprise. Some may not realize though that Florida has one other major plus point as a hotbed of major league sports.But for the Sports Lovers, Which Florida City have the most to offer in terms of professional leagues and killer teams?

In total, the state is home to three NFL teams, two MLB teams, two NBA teams, two NHL teams, two MLS teams, and one NWSL team. That’s almost the same amount as California, a state three times the size and with twice the population of Florida.

Clearly, locals love their sports teams; sports betting in Florida is increasingly popular, and the stadiums and sports arenas are state-of-the-art.

Sports Lovers

Number One: Tampa

Miami may be home to more teams, but Tampa Bay is home to some of the country’s top competitors. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL) took home last year’s Super Bowl trophy after a major win over reigning champs, the Kansas City Chiefs. The same year, the Tampa Bay Rays (NHL) took home a Stanley Cup.

Be sure to stay for the boat parade… and keep an eye out for Tom Brady!

Number Two: Miami

Those looking for diversity will find plenty of sports action to follow in Miami. It’s home to teams that compete in every major league: the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, the NBA’s Miami Heat, the MLB’s Miami Marlins, the NHL’s Florida Panthers, and the MLS’s Inter Miami CF.

For sporty adventurers, there are other city-wide pastimes, which include greyhound racing, jai alai tournaments, and annual NASCAR national races at the Homestead-Miami Speedway oval.

Number Three: Jacksonville

Jacksonville is home to one pro sports franchise: the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. Unfortunately for local fans, the team hasn’t improved much since setting up shop in 1993, listing only a handful of playoff appearances since then.

However, PGA Tour headquarters are located just outside Jacksonville. As such, the area regularly hosts The Players’ Championship each year, which sees golf fans flock to the city in their thousands.

Sports Lovers

Number Four: Orlando

Orlando is home to three professional sports teams: the NBA’s Orlando Magic, the MLS’s Orlando City SC, and the NWSL’s Orlando Pride. Similar to Jacksonville, the Magic haven’t been able to bring home any significant victories since its founding in 1989 (though they’ve at least made Finals appearances twice).

As such, the city’s primary offerings revolve around soccer. Orlando City FC set up shop in 2013 and has since become incredibly popular for locals, who help create a lively environment. The same goes for the Orlando Pride, which shares a stadium with OCFC.

Last Updated on May 16, 2023

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