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Top Countries That Use FOREX The Most

Every traveler has heard about forex at least one time in their lives. And for the ones that are traveling and don’t know what foreign exchange is, I’m going to put it simply. Whenever you are visiting a country in Europe from the US, you will be needing Euro, right? Then you head to an exchange, and you choose to give your US Dollar in exchange for EUR. That’s Forex. That’s why I have listed here some of the countries that use foreign exchange the most, for you to visit and check them as a financial hub.

There’s a huge amount of travelers that are into forex trading. The freedom this gives to you has no comparison point with other jobs. And in recent years we have seen a huge increase in people’s interest in trading and of course, people’s interest in the best forex brokers. This lead to a good amount of people looking to know and travel to the countries that use FOREX the most.

That’s why I’m going to list the top countries that have the largest foreign currency reserves in the world.

Which country uses forex the most?


china is the Top Country That Use FOREX The Most

The Asian country is by far the one with the largest foreign exchange reserve. Figure as of October 2021 with a $3,392,229. China is a great tourist destination for traders too. Home of amazing tourist attractions like The Great Wall and the Forbidden City, besides having stunning architectural wonders. Also have an incredible variety of food, well known martial arts and its history and cultural background.

China is a pretty interesting place to visit, more than just temples and teas, have a lot to offer for everyone taste. On one side you can find high-tech architecture with the most leading infrastructure in the world and on the other site you have very ancient architecture.


japan mt fuji view

Is the second second-largest reserve holder on the list with $1,404,520 dollars, as far as October 2021. The difference between China and Japan is quite huge. The Asian country is well known worldwide for its particular calligraphy, art, and cultural highlights. Japan is also the birthplace of sushi and is home to more than a dozen of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

You can find some tourist attractions like MT Fuji, Shinkansen (the bullet train), capsule hotels, and Cherry Blossoms trees!. Besides, Japan is the capital of anime and manga.


alpine landscape in Switzerland

The swiss country is placed 3rd in this list, with $1,077,431 dollars, as far as September 2021. One of the biggest foreign exchange reserves in the world. You can find in Switzerland beautiful alpine landscapes and famous for its beautiful cities and stunning train rides with amazing views.

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Well, this country has one of the most famous chocolates in the world. Also, it is home to the top luxury brand watches. Besides, if you enjoy lakes, Switzerland has over 7000 lakes. Sure, it’s a place for outdoor lovers, you will find something to do that will leave you speechless.

There are some countries that we must name here, they are stunning places to visit and a solid forex exchange reserve, like, India, Russia, and Taiwan with less than a million US Dollars. As you can see, there are many tourist destinations for forex traders and if you haven’t started your journey yet, you can find a lot of documentation on the internet. You can read reviews like xm reviews to get started.

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