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Where to Stay in Astypalaia, Greece

Choosing a place to stay can be hard and in a destination like Astypalaia, Greece can be even harder, there’s so much to choose from that most of us end up feeling overwhelmed. In order to ease the search for accommodations, I have listed the best types of accommodations and best hotels in Astypalaia for you to stay at.

Astypalaia is a Greek island located in the Dodecanese, a group of twelve major islands in Greece. It is a beautiful island with many natural attractions. The most popular tourist destination on the island is its beaches, white sand, and clear water, with sun and nice weather all year round. You can also visit the Castle of Astypalaea.

When looking for accommodations on the island, you need to take into account the different options you have there, like hotels, airbnb, apartments, or resorts. You need to check your budget and how you’re going to travel (solo, with a group, with family).

drone view of Astypalaia Greece
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Suitable for a small group of friends or a small family, if you’re looking for something complete, the apartments/hotels are the best options. They offer a whole apartment, a clean private bathroom, rooms with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a balcony and a terrace, a kitchen, and even a washing machine.

A good draw about most of these accommodations is the ocean view, you get to see an amazing morning landscape from your accommodation. You get to prepare your own food and change the whole experience a lot.

Best Option – Mid: Primrose Apartment/Hotel


Hotels are one of the most common accommodations, on the comfort side, hotels offer a lot of things that will make your stay a lot easier. With bars and restaurants, free Wi-Fi throughout the property, as well as free private parking for those who like to rent cars. You will have the possibility to get room service, concierge service, and luggage storage.

You can choose from a wide range of rooms that will come with air conditioning, a flat screen TV, a seating area, and a private bathroom. Also, some of those rooms come with a coffee machine, water, and a fridge.

Best Option – Luxury: Saluti Da Stampalia


This is what I call the local option, for people that look to get the full experience and immerse in the culture, AirBnB is the best option. You basically rent a house, and you get all that comes with a house fully equipped, a room, bathroom, flat TV, air conditioning, and some of them even have a pool.

One of the biggest draws of Airbnb is the fact you can stay for longer terms, suitable for families or digital nomads with friends. You’ll be able to head to the local markets, buy fresh food like fish and cook your own meal, there are fewer restrictions too.

Best Option – Budget: Nikos Studio by Dimitra


As you can see, there are many types of accommodations to choose from in Astypalaia, Greece depending on your type of travel, but we have reduced the list for you to make a proper decision.

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