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Where to Go in Guatemala – Parks and Reserves

If you still don’t know where to go in Guatemala for your next vacations, you should consider a national park. Guatemala has 92 protected areas making up over 28% of its national territory. Most of these protected areas were created 1990.

All volcanoes are protected areas, including biosphere reserves, national parks, biotopes, natural monuments, wildlife refuges, and private nature reserves. CONAP (The National Protected Areas Council), created in 1990, is fully in charge of administering all of Guatemala’s protected areas along with CONAMA (National Environmental Commission). Unfortunately, with so many issues at hand, the Guatemalan government doesn’t put enough emphasis on preserving and protecting these areas the way they should. CONAP is extremely underfunded and understaffed. Logging, sewage run off and trash disposal are still a huge problem. However, the largest problem these parks face, especially the Petén is deforestation.


Nowadays a lot of the protection comes from private organizations and since 2005 the Guatemalan government is stepping up to the plate by training a special police force designated for the protected areas, mainly the Maya Biosphere Reserve where the majority of the logging and wildlife poaching still exists.

Thanks to tourism and environment interest, the park system is able to build ranger stations with excellent facilities, well-marked trails and comfortable guest accommodations.

With this in mind, please visit as many of these National Parks in Guatemala as you can and contribute by not collecting any of the natural materials: animals, plants, rocks, shells, etc… Just think, if everyone who visited Guatemala collected something, there would be nothing left!

Make sure to dispose of your garbage properly!

Where to Go in Guatemala:

National Parks

Lachua National Park
Laguna Del Tigre National Park
Mirador-Rio Azul National Park
Rio Dulce National Park
Sierra del Lacandon National Park
Tikal National Park
Lanquin Caves National Park
Candelaria Caves National Park


Cerro Cahuí Biotope
Chocón Machacas Biotope
Mario Dary Rivera Biotope (El Quetzal)
Punta de Manabique Biotope
Naachtún – Dos Lagunas Biotope
El Zotz-San Miguel La Palotada Biotope
Monterrico-Hawaii Biotope
San Buenaventura de Atitlan Biotope

Where to Go in Guatemala

Biosphere Reserves

Maya Biosphere Reserve
Sierra de las Minas Biosphere


Acatenango Volcano
Agua Volcano
Almolonga Volcano
Atitlan Volcano
Chingo Volcano
Chiquimula Volcano
Flores Volcano
Fuego Volcano
Ipala Volcano
Ixtepeque Volcano
Moyuta Volcano
Pacaya Volcano
Quezaltepeque Volcano
Santa Maria Volcano
San Pedro Volcano
Santo Tomas Volcano
Suchitan Volcano
Tacana Volcano
Tahual Volcano
Tajumulco Volcano
Tecuamburro Volcano
Toliman Volcano


Catarata de Agaus Calientes
Los Siete Altares
El Salto de Chilasco

Wildlife Refuges

Bocas de Polochic Wildlife Refuge
Petexbatun Wildlife Refuge

Private Nature Reserves

Chelemha Cloud Forest Preserve
Finca El Paraíso
Manchon Guamuchal Wetland
Parque Natural Ixpanpajul
Natural Reserve Atitlan

guatemala vacation

Other Protected Areas

Cerro San Gil and Rio Las Escobas
Cloud Forest Biological Corridor
Cuchumatanes Area
El Boquerón


Naj Tunich
Candelaria Caves
Lanquín Caves
Ak’Tun Kan Caves
Kan’ Ba Caves
Rey Marcos Caves
The Mine Caves (La Cueva de las Minas)
Cueva de Las Pinturas
Tres Entradas Caves
Hun Nal Ye
Cueva de las Chinches
B’omb’il Pek
Ixobel Cave
Echoeing Cave
Santo Domingo
San Miguel, Jobonché, Jovelte
Petexbatún Area Caves

I highly recommend for nature lovers to take you time in Guatemala and spending some time in at least a couple of these parks, reserves or caves. You won’t regret it!


2 thoughts on “Where to Go in Guatemala – Parks and Reserves

  1. This is a long an amazing list of places to visit in Guatemala. It would take quite some time for me to see it all. One can only hope…

  2. Hola

    Estoy realizando un mapa de la Zona Maya ( Tabasco, Chiapas, Campeche, Yucatán, Quintana Roo. Belice, Guatemala, El Salvador y Honduras)

    Veo que organizas tours en Guatemala, me puedes ayudar a ubicar en un mapa los lugares a los que llegas

    Agradeceré cualquier comentario


    México, D.F.

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