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The Many Faces of Dublin: What to see and Where to Go in Dublin

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Dublin? If your answer is pubs and leprechauns, then you have yet to discover the many attractions of Ireland’s capital. Dublin has a lot more to offer than just good beer and a merry company. This city has many faces and many moods. You can keep on coming back to it and discover something new upon every visit.Where to go in Dublin for pretty much every taste.Take a look at this blog post to learn more about things to do in Dublin.

If you’re planning your first visit to Dublin, it’s best to think of everything ahead of time. What places to see, where to eat, how long to stay. And the first problem you might face is finding your way to your hotel from the Dublin airport, located 10 km north of the city center. The easiest way is to get an airport transfer to where you will be staying. Once you’re in Dublin City Center, you can venture out to see all the city has to offer.

Where to Go in Dublin

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What to see and Where to Go in Dublin

Music life of Dublin

To many, Dublin is the city of music. And without a doubt, it has some of the best music venues and concert halls in Europe. The most beloved by tourists and Dubliners alike is probably Whelan’s that regularly invites a plethora of artists working in any genre imaginable from rock to folk. It also hosts a disco party three times a week. For something more traditional, there’s the Cobblestone where you can enjoy a pint of cold brew while listening to local musicians perform. Another great place to come for a bite and a pint, and catch some of those live music vibes, is Arthur’s Pub.

The Temple Bar

But of course, most people come to Dublin to get the authentic experience of pub hopping. If there’s one place in Dublin that everyone knows about, it’s the Temple Bar. It’s not just a pub in the general sense of the word. That’s what they call a whole area in central Dublin, on the south bank of the River Liffey. Some of the pubs that you can find in this area are the Temple Bar Pub, The Turk’s Head, The Porterhouse, Czech Inn, The Foggy Dew, and more.

Fun fact! James Joyce, Ireland’s most acclaimed author, was notorious for his drinking escapades, which often resulted in fistfights. He would usually be accompanied by the famous American writer and his drinking buddy, Ernest Hemingway. James Joyce, having very poor eyesight, would often not even be able to see his opponent, so he’d jump behind his friend and say: ‘Deal with him, Hemingway! Deal with him!’.

A bit of history

You can’t talk about Dublin without talking about its rich cultural and historical background. After all, the capital of Ireland goes back centuries, and the Dublin Bay area is known to have been inhabited since prehistoric times. You can learn all about it and more at the National Museum of Ireland, where they have permanent exhibitions on display, such as Prehistoric Ireland and the Viking Collection. The National Library close by can be of much interest as well, with its permanent W. B. Yeats exhibition. You also wouldn’t want to miss out on visiting the Trinity College, Dublin’s oldest university that’s packed with history.

For the whole family

If you’re looking for something to do with your family, Dublin has got you covered here as well. The city being such a popular tourist destination, of course, there would be a demand for many family-friendly places and activities. The first place to take your kids to is the Dublin Zoo. It’s the largest enclosed urban park in Europe and home to animals from all over the world. For a real Viking experience, go to the interactive historical museum Dublinia. And for the curious mind, there’s the Dublin Children’s Museum Imaginosity, which offers many fun activities and workshops for kids.

Tip! If you want to get the most out of your experience without breaking the bank, consider investing in a tourist pass. For the price of one pass, you’ll get entry to many different places and have the transportation covered as well. The Dublin tourist pass includes Dublin Castle, Dublin Zoo, some museums, breweries and distilleries.

These are just some of the places in Dublin that will be worth your time and help you make unforgettable memories of this beautiful city.

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