6 of the Best Restaurants in Leon and Granada, Nicaragua

Whenever I plan a trip to a new place I like to search for restaurants that can provide amazing and unique experiences that will make us remember our time in that country or city.

Plus, I often get questions about the best places to eat in the places I visit. So I came up with this list of six of the best restaurants in Leon and Granada, two of the main destinations in Nicaragua.

6 Restaurants Worth Visiting in Nicaragua

1. El Bodegon – Leon

el bodegon nicaragua
Photo by: donquijoteni

This is a small restaurant run by the owner where most of the dishes on the menu are Cuban or inspired by Cuban cuisine. There are also a few options for vegetarians. The restaurant is set in a part of the owner’s home and the decoration is very inviting.

The service was warm and friendly and their food is great. The dishes are large and at a great price. Plus they offer a good selection of tasty cocktails.

NOTE: Keep in mind that it is closed on Mondays.

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2. Restaurante El Garaje – Granada

el garage
Photo by: luvincali01

Here you will find a varied menu with eclectic, international style food made with organic ingredients and even some vegetarian options.

The restaurant is small, located in downtown Granada, with great decoration, and run by a U.S. expat family. It isn’t expensive, but the prices are above what you normally find in small places such as this one, however it is worth it. The flavor and size of the dishes justify it.

Keep in mind that because it is a small family business, the food might take some time to be delivered to your table, so order before you are too hungry.

3. Campestre Habana – Leon

campestre habana restaurant in leon, nicaragua
Photo by: lisastevan P

This is another restaurant that offers Cuban style food and is located just outside of Leon in a small house. Food is really good but you won’t find a menu here. Your waiter or the owner will let you know what is available on the day you visit plus you get a recommendation on the best dish from that day.

Orlando, the owner, is in charge of the kitchen. He does a great job! He often takes a short break from cooking to say hello to the clients.

The restaurant has an open air set up. Here you are right in the middle of a garden.

4. Espressonista Specialty Coffee bar and Restaurant – Granada

espressonista coffee bar restaurant in granada nicaragua
Photo by: wittle_traveler-11

At Espressonista you will find international dishes in a relaxed ambiance. Their menu offers a large variety of tasty dishes that you can enjoy, as well as drinks and wine. Andrés, the owner, puts a lot of effort into making everything delicious.

If there is one thing you can’t leave the restaurant without trying is their coffee and the desserts. It is a great place to hang out and spend an afternoon relaxing.

Note: it is open for lunch and dinner.

5. Libelula Coffee Shop – Leon

libelula coffee shop in leon nicaragua
Photo by: DaveOseda

This might sound like just another coffee shop, but what makes it different is the fact that it offers some of the best coffee around, as well as great desserts. The ambiance is very relaxed, with a few tables that offer rocking chairs and a simple decoration that almost makes you feel as if you were walking into your grandma’s house.

Their sandwiches also have a good reputation.

It is a great place to spend a couple of hours relaxing and chatting after a long day of exploring Leon.

6. Cafe de los Sueños – Granada

los sueños restautant in nicaragua
Photo by: allbloomin

On this restaurant’s menu, you will mostly find cafeteria-style dishes with a Mediterranean touch, as well as options for vegetarians. They also have desserts such as cakes and crêpes. I was able to see people just hanging out and spending some time sipping on a cup of coffee and a book.

The ambiance of the place is inviting and relaxing. Plus, their staff is accommodating and friendly.

Note: Make sure you have cash with you because they don’t take debit or credit cards. Also, the place tends to fill up, during that time the service can get a bit slow. Pro-tip: Since you’re already in the area, you might want to try volcano boarding!

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