Comedores: Where Do Locals Eat in Guatemala?


Comedores: Where Do Locals Eat in Guatemala?

two womans making tortilla in a comedores in guatemala

Everytime we travel to a new place most people want to experience the true local eating experience, it’s one of the best way to immerse yourself into the local culture. Where do the local go to eat on a daily basis in Guatemala? Those places are called Comedores, a small local restaurant or even a stand, they are a whole experience. Today we’re going to be talking about comedores, the local eateries in Guatemala. 

What are Comedores in Guatemala?

These were the places that I lived in when I first arrived in Guatemala. Comedores are these tiny little adorable eateries that are pretty much sprinkled all over Guatemala. The thing is, when you look at them, as you get older, you know and you become a little bit more wary of getting parasites or amoebas, because these are really kind of the types of places because they look dirty. They’re not the most well kept as well.As far as when you’re looking at other restaurants, but you need to try a comedore, you need to go to one of them and just risk it, because the experience of the food is truly amazing.

Are Comedores Cheap?

First and foremost, it is dirt cheap so comedores are really well known for their breakfast. It’s called Desayunos Tipicos and they’re pretty much served all day long because it’s actually the most staple food of Guatemala. Eggs, beans, plantains, rice. And tortillas.

desayuno tipico served at local eatery in guatemala

The ladies are making the tortillas right in front of you. This is for less than $3 or $4 and that usually comes with a coffee and even a drink. And they’re typical Guatemala drinks like one of their juices that are fresco, which could be like a lemonade or a naranjada, which are very popular here. Naranjada is an orange juice, fresh orange juice with either water or soda so you could get one of those, and it’s usually included in the meal, so we’re talking between three to five dollars and it’s really amazing.

It’s usually catered to the Guatemalan lower wage workers, so that makes it that much more appealing because you get to really taste what they eat on a daily basis, and a lot of these people they can’t afford very expensive meals.

So that’s why the prices are really low, and it’s a huge hearty meal, so honestly. Do yourself a favor and go to at least one of these comedores.

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Where Do You Find Comedores?

You can find them sprinkled everywhere, and you know it’s typical. Usually they’re always run by the typical women you know a lot of the time. They are the indigenous women dressed in their aprons, usually a cluster of them around the tortilla place, making the fresh tortillas for you and the fresh breakfast.

The most popular ones are usually in the central markets, like chichicastenango. They have a whole humongous place and you will see 90 % of the people. There are Guatemalans eating at these comedores. And The comedores, they’re just little stands.

Sometimes it could be like a little restaurant standing separate as well.

local dishes from comedores in guatemala


So it’s an amazing experience and I definitely recommend it. They don’t only serve, obviously, those staple foods. They also have a variety of meats. They could have more egg dishes, stuff like that. This isn’t really the place that you would go for typical Guatemalan cuisine.

I have an entire podcast about that. Those are a little bit more complicated. They’re more of a different flavor. In these basic comedores, however, you can find some other Guatemalan typical foods.

Anyways, this is my really huge recommendation for you guys, especially if you call yourself. Foodies, this is where you should be tasting your food because this is the essence of country, and you must try the Guatemalan street food tooIf you guys have any more questions about Guatemala and eating or whatever I have been living here as an expat for over 13 years so I could really help you guys in so much more.

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Last Updated on June 24, 2023

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