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What You Should Know About the Innovations of Protective Masks

In recent months, protective masks have been a big part of people’s lives. You can say that it became pretty popular, especially for some countries. It became a new normal for people to wear protective masks to safeguard themselves against the virus.There have been a ton of new Innovations of Protective Masks in the past few months. Learn more about them and how they help you.

If there is one thing that people longs for, it would be something different- something unique. Protective masks that can bring a huge difference in their lives. In this article, you’ll see the various innovations of these masks. Are you interested? Continue reading to know more about these classy, stylish, innovative protective masks that are suited for you!

Before anything else, you need to know what a protective mask is and how it helps you and the people around you.

Innovations of Protective Masks

What Is a Protective Mask?

A protective mask covers part of the face and shields the wearer from breathing air polluted with chemical or biological agents. When the wearer coughs or sneezes, it may block the release of virus-filled droplets into the air.

Did You Know that Wearing a Protective Mask Is Also the Basis or Source Control?

Source control refers to using protective masks to cover a person’s mouth and nose when speaking, sneezing, or coughing to reduce the risk of infection transmission by preventing respiratory secretions from spreading.

Here is the exciting part! Now, look forward to this list made just for you- Innovations of Protective Masks. 

1. Virus-killing Mask

What’s special about this mask is that it contains a special salt-coated filter on the mask that can kill the coronavirus once the droplets settle on the surface.

2. Guardian G-VOLT Mask

In order to repel viruses and bacteria, graphene filters with integrated electrical charging technology are used in this mask. As it is plugged into a portable battery pack through a USB port, a low-level electric charge can pass via the Guardian G-Volt. Any particles trapped in the graphene mask will repel this charge.

The Guardian G-Volt is 99% efficient against particles over 0.3 micrometers in its graphene filtration device.

3. Maskfone

Maskfone takes it to the next level- this protective mask blends safety, comfort, and technology. It is the world’s first face mask with N95/FFP2 filters, built-in earbuds, and even a microphone, It can be seen only at, in situations where individuals are close to each other or where social distance is hard to maintain, the use of masks is critical. It is not possible to remove a face mask in public or when social distancing is needed, such as having to answer a call without muffling your voice or adjusting your headphones.

Fret not! Maskfone was developed to help minimize the need to adjust, change, or remove the face mask to talk while on a mobile phone or in different scenarios. Indeed, Maskfone is one of the best innovations to look out for.

4. Face Mask with Transparent Plastic Opening

This mask is designed for people with hearing impairment. Most face masks hide the wearer’s nose and mouth, and this face mask has a transparent plastic opening, which makes it possible for people to lip-read.

5. 3D Printable Face Mask

3D Printable Face Mask is made to keep up with the demand for face masks. Masks printed in 3D might look like traditional PPE. Though, do not expect that they have the same degree of barrier protection, fluid resistance, filtration, and control of infections compared to traditional face masks.

6. NIOSH N95 Face Mask

Similar to Face Mask with Transparency, this mask is specially designed for people to look like you are not wearing a mask. Also, it features a durable, breathable, lightweight design. NIOSH N95 Face Mask is definitely realistic and will make you very comfortable.

7. Customized Discoball Face Mask

Discoball Face Mask is one of the protective masks that offer a unique design. It is very catchy and will definitely get your attention. If you ever consider going to a big event, you may want to try out this one.

8. Customized Face Mask with LED Message

If there is one word to describe this face mask, it will be the word ‘cool’. This protective mask integrates LED technology in it, which lets the surface showing animated messages.

9. Silicon Face Mask

Everyone has a need for a protective mask, and while it can not replace N95 surgical masks and procedural masks, this is a good fit for other people. Silicon Face Mask is reusable as well, making it efficient.

10. Integrated Mask with Bluetooth and Speaker

Integrated Mask with Bluetooth and Speaker comes in handy when you want to listen to your favorite music while guarding yourself against coronavirus.

What Do You Think of These Innovations?

Nowadays, people are looking for reusable and washable, trendy, personalized face masks that are suited for them and that protect them from being infected with COVID. Face masks come in various shapes and sizes and can also be adapted for people with a special requirement, like hearing impairment.

Indeed, whether it is Virus-killing Mask, Guardian G-VOLT Mask, Maskfone, or other innovative masks, it can bring and make a difference that you would need in your daily lives.

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