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All About the Electronic Travel Authorization to Visit Canada

This is an entry requirement placed by the government of Canada on all foreigners from countries that previously did not require visas to visit Canada. It will now require these foreign nationals to get this electronic authorization if they will travel to Canada by air. It will link the authorization to their passports, and it has a validity of five years but will become invalid if the passport expires before the end of the five years.Electronic Travel Authorization to Visit Canada – 


Electronic Travel Authorization to Visit Canada

Who Needs to Get an ETA?

You need to get an ETA if you meet the following requirements:

1.       You are a citizen of one of the visas exempted countries. To know more about ETA exemptions, click here.

2.       You are traveling to Canada by air. If you are arriving from any of the listed countries by road, train, or boat then you will not need this ETA.

3.       You are a legal resident of the United States with a valid green-card and passport to presented at the entry point.

4.       You are a Brazilian, Bulgarian or Romanian citizen who has in the past ten 10 years had a Canadian visitor visa or has a current non-immigrant visa for the United States.

If you meet any of the above criteria (and, of course, you MUST fly to Canada), then you should apply for an ETA. You should note that they also require this authorization for transiting through Canada or sailing through in a cruise ship regardless of if you are alighting from the ship or not.

Who Can Get an ETA?

Now, aside from the requirements listed above, even with them there are other important considerations that determine if they will give the ETA.

We’ve mentioned that you must fly into the country and you must be from some specific countries either as a citizen or a legal resident. Aside from these, you must show that you have a business or employment you will have to return to. This is to assure the authorities that you will return to your country.

You should also show that you have sufficient financial provision to cover your upkeep for the period of your stay. Proof of meeting these two requirements will make it easier for you to get approved.

Electronic Travel Authorization to Visit Canada

How to Apply

According to this Canadian website –, applying for your ETA is very easy and straightforward. However, what the site does not tell you that they may not approve your application. It is one thing to apply easily but another thing to have your easy application approved.

Some of the points we showed you above were not actually listed on the site. What this shows is that there are some other factors that you will need to take care of to ensure full compliance. Do you know what these are?

One way you can apply for your ETA and have a higher chance of getting approval is to apply through an authorization agency that fully understands the process.

What Should an Authorization Agency Offer You?

When you work with a top agency like AVE Canada, there are a few specific things you should expect. These include:

Professional Guidance – The agency should help you with your application. In fact, they should prepare your application professionally, ensuring it meets every known and unknown compliance requirement.

Step-by-Step Guidance – They should assist you every step of the application process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Constant Updates – You should regular receive emails with updates and other relevant notifications.

All Day Support – There are times when some emergency assistance will be required by an applicant. The agency should be able to provide these 24 hours of every day.

Additional Support – There are times when an application might be rejected despite every effort. The agency should be able to offer additional support or alternatives the applicant can pursue.

Guarantees – What guarantees does the agency offer? Top agencies offer a 100% money-back guarantee for cases where applications are not approved.

With all the above, you can see that it is to your advantage to apply for your ETA through an authorization agency. It simply makes life much easier for you.

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