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What to Pack for Your Next Wild Camping Vacation

There are all kinds of reasons why thousands of people go wild camping every year across the United States. If you don’t like the idea of staying on a campsite, camping practically anywhere else is classed as wild camping.

No matter where you head to in the country, here is an essential guide on what you must pack to ensure you have everything you need for your next wild camping vacation.

Gear for a Wild Camping Vacation


Understandably, to enjoy your wild camping experience, you need to purchase a camping tent that provides maximum protection against all weather conditions. Whether it’s heavy winds, rain, or blazing heat, having a camping tent with full coverage is a must. No one wants their tent to collapse in the middle of the night, so make sure you pay extra and invest in a tent that’s sturdy and durable. When setting up base, there are tools you will need like a Para-Claw Paracord Knife Bracelet

Sleeping Bag

A good night’s sleep is important for getting the most out of your wild camping adventure. While you may not sleep as soundly as you would in your bed at home, a high-quality sleeping bag should provide comfort and support throughout the night. There are sleeping mats that you should purchase too that are easy to inflate and provide additional comfort for a better night’s sleep.

A Good Jacket

Camping in the wild will mean you need a sturdy and comfortable jacket. You can simply wear it so you don’t have to carry it along with you. You can buy a genuine army jacket online from Military Mart at great rates. This can be your perfect camping companion with loads of pockets for handy essentials. 

Stove & Food

When out in the wilderness, you won’t have access to takeaways and Uber Eats. This means you need to bring a light camping stove along with you to cook food. Don’t forget your pan and gas, otherwise you won’t get very far and will be left with a rumbling tummy. What you eat during your trip depends entirely on your preferences, but it’s important to eat plenty of foods packed with protein that will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Head Torch

Unlike on a traditional campsite where there will be plenty of lighting to see where you’re going, once the sun goes down in the wilderness, so will the visibility. You must tread carefully as one wrong move could see you fall and become injured, meaning a head torch is a vital component of your camping gear. A head torch can be used for exploring, setting up your tent, cooking meals, and ensuring you’re in a safe area.

Portable Charger

During your wild camping trip, keeping in contact with loved ones is a must. While you may not have the greatest signal, having a portable charger with you will mean you can keep your phone charged. Emergencies can and do happen, so being able to contact the authorities if you or another member of your party sustains an injury is vital.

When planning your wild camping adventure, make sure you create a checklist that includes everything listed above. That way, you can be confident you have the essentials and don’t leave anything important behind. Whether you’re headed on a solo trip or have company in tow, wild camping provides you with the ultimate freedom to explore the great outdoors.

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