What to Know Before Traveling With Medicinal or Recreational Cannabis

The cannabis industry has been multiplying over the years. Investors are buying stock in the cannabis industry, such as OTCMKTS:CBWTF, in large numbers. As it continues to grow, more and more individuals are looking for ways to make their vacations more exciting. There are more choices than before when it comes to traveling with marijuana. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a ‘legal’ way of transporting marijuana across state lines. There are several avoidances that can be exploited by those who choose to do so. Therefore, when traveling with cannabis, it is essential to follow the laws of the state you are visiting. Although many states have some form of legal marijuana use, each has regulations about how much you can carry and where you can use it.

Is Legalizing Cannabis the Right Thing to Do?

By 2028, cannabis will be creating a $70 billion industry, yet the ones most affected by the drug war have no access to it. Cannabis is expanding as more voters and state legislatures legalize medical or adult recreational cannabis usage, increasing inventory values of cannabis firms.

The cannabis business grows as more voters and legislative bodies embrace medical and leisure use of cannabis and boost the stock values of cannabis companies.

Some state legislatures support the endorsement of medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, pushing the stock prices of cannabis companies higher.

State legislators, like New York, New Jersey, Alabama, Virginia, and New Mexico, agreed this year to use marijuana for medical or recreational reasons. The earliest sales from these countries are expected to start in 2022. There are currently 36 states that have adopted legislation allowing the medical use of cannabis. The cannabis industry is growing as more voters and state legislatures support the new laws.

Know the Laws When Traveling With Medicinal (Or Recreational) 

In the United States, the federal government still prosecutes the usage of marijuana. As a first offender, any amount is a federal crime, penalties from six months to one year’s imprisonment, a $1,000 fine, or a combo of imprisonment and fines. Second or subsequent violations, sale, and cultivation considerably increase such punishments.

State governments can only regulate legislation on a borderline basis. You are covered by federal law if you cross into federal lands (think national parks) or travel by a federal mode of transit.

There Are Ways to Deal With Travel Stress on Your Next Trip

Travel stress might be challenging. Traveling may be a significant cause of stress as a vital component of most people’s vacations. The focus of travel can be enough to have you doubt whether the break is worth it, especially if you’re a person that has daily prescriptions. However, by preparing, you can keep your vacation less stressful. Below are some suggestions on how to keep your traveling day less stressful.

Can I Use CBD to Fly?

If your CBD product has to have more than 0.3% THC or is FDA-approved, you can fly it. If the commodity is liquid or food, the standard TSA protocol must be followed (3.4 ounces or less per liquid item, for example). Medical cannabis travel is very different from orthodox medicine. If you want to go any distance, you must know what laws you can bring.

Be Prepared

Traveling with cannabis means being prepared. Luckily, several tools can help you have a safe and enjoyable experience while traveling in states where medicinal or recreational cannabis is legal. These tools include vaporizers, pre-rolled joints, vape pens, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. Before you leave on a trip, it’s essential to create a record of the crucial things you’ll require. Then, during the packing day, go back to your checklist and check everything in place. Contemplating carrying medicinal marijuana will be stressful enough.

We have all been confused about the federal laws regarding traveling with cannabis, and that’s okay. After all, it is a complicated subject that causes a lot of confusion. But we hope this article has helped you understand some essential things to keep in mind while traveling with your cannabis.

Avoid your difficulties by shopping online and shipping them to your location. Would you like our recommendation? Try goods that are legal and derived from natural hemp around the country. And you’ll be good. Traveling with cannabis is not only confusing, but it can be stressful to figure out what you can and cannot do. We are here to help.

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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