What to Know Before Traveling to Canada

Traveling is one of the most exciting events in our lives, countries are offering working holiday visas like Australia has a working holiday visa. Another country that offers a  Working Holiday visa is Canada. It is considered to be a great opportunity to explore the country before deciding if you wish to immigrate there permanently.There are many beautiful places to visit in Canada, but what should you know? This guide shows what to know before traveling to Canada.

Canada’s the world’s second-largest country with the longest coastline on Earth.

It’s also an easily-accessible destination for travelers from the United States with plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, hunting, and experiencing undisturbed natural environments.

Traveling to Canada’s not just a matter of packing your bags and heading out though, here’s what to know before traveling to Canada.

Traveling to Canada

Getting Through the Border

Foreign travelers, including U.S. citizens, need a valid passport or a NEXUS card to enter Canada. Children under 15 years of age only need a certified copy of their birth certificate.

Visitors from all countries except the USA also need an ETA visa.

You can take your dog along on your trip to Canada providing they have a clean bill of health from a vet as well as a valid rabies inoculation certificate.

There are some restrictions on the items you can bring into the country too. You need to declare all food products, as well as items of plant and animal origin when entering Canada.

Be sure to look up the latest requirements pertaining to taking guns across the border if you’re planning a hunting trip in Canada.

What to Know Before Traveling to Canada in Winter

Canada gets bitterly cold in winter and summer storms can also catch you unawares, so travel prepared. Layers are the way to go when visiting the country.

Be sure to pack a woolen hat, scarf, and gloves when visiting Canada. Snow boots and a waterproof jacket are essential if you’re visiting Canada during the wintertime.

Make sure your vehicle’s up to the task of traversing these snowy, icy landscapes too.

The further north you go, the colder it gets. If you’re sensitive to the cold, rather confine your travels to warmer areas like British Columbia and Ontario when deciding where to go in Canada.

The best way to find out what to expect weather-wise is to check out the local weather forecast for the area you’re visiting at different times of the year. Keep tabs on the weather for a few days before you leave too, so you know what to pack.

Budgeting For Your Trip to Canada

Medicines may be cheaper in Canada but taxes are high. Federal taxes apply to all purchases made within the country, so prepare to pay up to 15% more at the checkout when you buy items or dine in Canadian restaurants.

You can’t claim this tax back any longer when you return to the USA, so prepare for these additional costs when planning your travel budget.

Beware of the Wildlife

Canada’s abundant wildlife is one of the major draw cards of a visit to this country.

It’s important to be aware of dangerous wildlife in your vicinity when visiting national parks and other wild areas of Canada and to follow all the recommended safety precautions.

All types of wildlife are a hazard on Canada’s roads. So, keep your wits about you when driving and take heed of any signs indicating high-risk areas.

You can also visit the Wildlife Collision Prevention Program website for more Canada travel tips regarding road safety.

See More of the World

Now you’ve found out what to know before traveling to Canada, perhaps you’d like some more in-depth information about what to see and do when you head up north.

Browse our website for more information and tips for visiting Canada from people who’ve already made the trip.

Remember to check back regularly for the latest information on travel all over the world, and find more inspiration for your explorations.

Last Updated on May 14, 2023

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