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Manzanita Beach, Oregon: Rentals‌ ‌Tips ‌You‌ ‌Need‌ ‌To‌ ‌Know‌

If you are planning a vacation to a sunny beach, whether for your family, friends, or colleagues, Manzanita beach is a hidden gem and one of the best options. This beautiful seven-mile beach is found in Manzanita, a small town on the North Oregon Coast. The beach resort dates back to the early 19s but has seen incredible developments to become a bustling coastal town. Manzanita‌ ‌is important for amazing mountain views, hiking trails, beautiful sunsets, fishing, and kayaking. That’s why I wanted to clarify some of the common questions that can pop up in your mind about rentals in Manzanita Beach, Oregon. I’ll let you know tips and practices in case you want to travel to this amazing side of Oregon.

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Manzanita‌ ‌Rentals‌ ‌

Manzanita Beach, Oregon

This town in Tillamook County, 25 miles north or 23 miles south of Tillamook, is very charming and has very friendly people. One of the best things about this town is that you can visit any time of the year and enjoy an incredible experience with your group. The town is replete with amazing fun points for tourists, including the Manzanita Market where you can buy everything you need on vacation, and wonderful shops.

Manzanita beach offers spectacular views of Neahkahnie Mountain and has two state parks featuring great hiking trails.

Having a great vacation experience is directly related to the quality and value of rentals, homes, or cars, available. Fortunately, there are Manzanita vacation rentals that offer high-quality rentals at great prices, hence you are poised to enjoy some of the services at very reasonable prices.

Vacation Homes in Manzanita

There are different kinds of rental homes on Manzanita beach, depending on the size of your group, budget, pets, etc.


When getting a rental home for a Manzanita beach vacation, size is a key consideration. If you have a large family or group, then homes that can sleep up to 20 people are available for you. Oceanfront Historic Reed House sleeps up to 20 people, while Oceanfront Modern Lodge sleeps up to 14. The former has 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a dining area for 14 while the latter has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a dining area for 10. There are smaller homes that sleep between 2 and 8 people.


You can either book directly or through third parties, which usually attracts additional costs such as service and reservation fees.

What’s included?

The best Manzanita homes have all you need and more including well-stocked kitchens, toiletries, Wi-Fi, cable TV, etc. To avoid the problems associated with a key entry system, some homes have a keyless entry system.

Pet friendly

Manzanita has pet-friendly rental homes, hence you have no problem enjoying your vacation with your furry friends. Make sure the home you are renting is favorable for your pet.


The most common prices of rental homes on Manzanita beach range from $150 to $800. This price is related to the number of people it can sleep, the quality of the home, and the technology on offer.

Car rentals in Manzanita

Moving around during your vacation period is made easy by the cheap rentals in Manzanita. With just $31, you can get a nice and comfortable car for 4 to 5 people. If you want greater luxury, you can get luxury cars at $86 per day for up to 5 people.

There are several car rental companies with excellent services. This competition helps to keep the process to tourists’ advantage. Several rental car suppliers list on car rental websites, enter your location to see a list of options. Compare the prices and select the most appropriate for you. Reserve in advance to guarantee the car is available to you.


  • Drop-offs and pick-ups at the airport usually attract more cost
  • Consider the car mileage ahead of time to help you prepare adequately and save money as much as you can.

Brand of cars available

Manzanita has diverse kinds of car brands, it depends on what you need, especially in light of the activities you plan to have on vacation in Manzanita.

Age requirement

The least age allowed to rent a car in Manzanita is 21 years, and people below 25 years may have to pay additional fees. Make sure you check the T&C of the supplier before booking.


All car rental companies require insurance. However, you can use your existing car insurance if you have one.

Fuel policy

This varies from supplier to supplier; full-to-full is the best option, requiring users to return the car at the same fuel level as when they got it. The unlimited miles option allows you to do extensive movement within Manzanita.

Things to check

  • Before finally driving off from the supplier, check the following:
  • Mark any dent or scratch down on your paperwork
  • Ensure the spare tire is inflated and necessary tools are available
  • Learn the peculiarities of the car, such as how to turn the wipers and lights on


Amazing mountain views, hiking trails, beautiful sunsets, fishing, kayaking, and many more are reasons to enjoy your vacation on Manzanita beach. Key rental details are discussed to ensure you have an amazing experience.

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