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What To Do When Injured Abroad

Getting injured when you are far away from your home and all your friends and family can be an overwhelming experience. However, with the right preparation and knowing what you need to do in case you get injured abroad, you can remain calm after an emergency and also be able to get all of your rights, no matter what the cause of injury is and regardless of where you are. Six of the most important things to do if you ever get injured abroad during one of your trips.Take a look at this guide on Injured Abroad.

Injured Abroad

The first thing you need to do is look for all the emergency numbers of the country that you are going to be traveling to. The second thing is to look for a personal injury lawyer at the destination you will be visiting. This will ensure that you have the back-up necessary in case any event occurs in which someone accidentally causes you injury. The experienced lawyers at state that dealing with the recovery process after an injury can be stressful enough, so having a personal injury lawyer on hand will ensure that you do not have to worry about other aspects. Enlisting a local lawyer means they will be up to date with all the laws in the place you are visiting, which means that they have a higher chance of getting you the settlement you deserve.

Before going into what you should do after an injury, there are some steps you can take before traveling to ensure that you are well-prepared for any kind of accident. 

Top 6 Things To Do When Injured Abroad

Call an Emergency Number

Remember those emergency numbers you looked for before traveling, this is the time to use them. Directly after an accident or event that results in an injury, you need to contact the authorities to ensure that everything goes in your favor. This will ensure that you get the proper care as soon as possible, and have the police write a report about the incident to ensure that it is documented correctly. If you were not able to prepare before your trip and do not remember the country’s emergency numbers, you can try dialing 911 or 999 on your mobile phone and most service providers redirect your call to the appropriate responders.

Injured Abroad

Notify the Nearest Embassy

If you are away from your country and you are seriously injured, you need to immediately notify the nearest embassy, after notifying the authorities. Your embassy will ensure that you receive the care through the proper channels, and sometimes even have someone represent you in case you need legal representation and do not have someone in mind to represent your case.

Seek Medical Treatment

Look for an urgent care center and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Remember that you can notify your embassy from the hospital if you don’t get the proper medical attention. Getting checked by a doctor will also ensure that your injuries are properly documented so you can pursue the correct legal action and ask your insurance company for compensation.

Keep Track of Medical Bills

More often than not, because you are abroad, you will be asked to pay your medical bills in full. This does not mean that you will not be reimbursed or that you will not get the compensation you deserve from the right people. Having a personal injury lawyer on hand will make this much easier to achieve. So, make sure to keep track of all your medical expenditures to present later on with your compensation claim. 

Gather Evidence (If Needed)

If you are injured because of another person’s action, accidentally or not, you need to gather evidence surrounding the incident. You can do so, by taking photos of the scene, or you can get statements from witnesses who saw the incident taking place. If it was a car accident, you need to get the other drivers’ contact and insurance information so that you can get compensation for what you went through.

Ask For a Copy of the Police Report

As mentioned above, the authorities on the scene of the incident in which you were injured will document an official report. Usually, the police will give you a copy of the report so that you can use it for any legal action required. If they do not give you one, you need to ask for it so that you have all the documents to support your claims and get you your compensation.

After knowing the steps you need to go through before and after an injury abroad, you can travel without any worry of being unprepared. Most, if not all, of these steps, are applicable in any country or state you travel to, however, you can get more information by contacting a local personal injury lawyer. It is better to be safe than sorry, so keep these tips in mind whenever you plan on traveling. 

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