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My family and I have a tradition, every year while visiting my parents in the US around the holidays we always take a couple of weeks to explore one or two cities in the US. This year, it was time for us to head to Miami Beach and find some find things to do as a family.

I never came here before I got married and had my sons so, it never crossed my mind to find things that boys could enjoy. So this was an interesting and fun challenge for me. Below is a list of all the fun things that kept us busy during our visit.

What To Do In Miami With Kids 

Are you planning a vacation and don’t know what are the best things to do in Miami Florida with kids?? Miami, is one of the hottest cities in Southern Florida known for its amazing beaches, great restaurants, tons of attractions for families and shopping to your heart’s content. It is one of the most popular destinations in the world for families, and here’s why:

But it was popular long before the city was built. The pirates seemed to love visiting the beach to hide their treasures.

Two more things that make Miami Beach  popular:

  • Off of its coasts, you can dive in the middle of many wrecks.
  • Right next to the city you can find the only Everglades eco-system in the world

More Things to Do in Miami with Kids

There’s plenty more to do at Miami Beach than what’s I listed before. You can swim at the beach, you can charter a fishing boat to try and land something big, you can spend an evening at a bar or nightclub, and you can visit the many museums in the area. At a tourist destination like Miami Beach, you won’t have any trouble finding fun things to do with childrens

Jungle Island

Jungle Island is a zoo on its own island, and it’s a convenient place to stop when you’re coming from Miami Beach, the airport, or a nearby hotel. The zoo dates back to 1936, and the island also offers a Japanese garden and the Miami Children’s Museum. Jungle Island isn’t as big as the more modern Zoo Miami to the south, but it’s much easier to reach from Miami Beach and its small size means you can fully explore the zoo and still have time left over for other

If you are looking for a fun place where you and your kids can interact with animals, Jungle Island in Miami is a fun start. There are educational animal shows, hands on interaction with animals, exhibits of exotic species and LIGERS!

Going to jungle is land miami is a fun things for kids to do in miami


Zoo Miami

My family and I have visited many zoos, we’ve basically seen them all, Zoo Miami is one of the better ones for sure. What makes it different is that it really can call itself a cage-less zoo. Also ask for the list of animals that can be fed the day you visit you might even get the Rhino.

zoo attractions in miami florida

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

 Out of the museums in Miami, this is one of the most unique. The place is a huge oceanfront estate with gorgeous gardens and a main house that resembles an old European palace. In it you can go for a tour inside the house, which is furnished with European antiques from 1500. And spend plenty of time in the gardens.

visiting vizcaya museum miami florida things to do

Miami Beach

There isn’t much to be said about Miami Beach that people don’t know already. However my family’s favorite Miami attractions where: making sand castles on the beach, looking at the art deco buildings of South Beach and the insane amount of different dining options. It is a fun place to spend some time in the sun!

Take a look at Miami Beach boat rentals if you and the family want to spend some time out on the waves and see a different view of the beach!

miami beach florida with kids

South Beach

This is one of those places where all you see is money being thrown around and gorgeous expensive cars. But you can also go for a walk along its streets to look at beautiful the buildings. This also ended up being the place where we had our best meal ever! For my family the best things to do in south Beach where eating and exploring the most popular areas of the city.

Walk Through South Pointe Park

The southern edge of Miami Beach features a large park with a long path that meanders by the water, lots of shade from the many trees, a restaurant and snack shop, a playground, and several sculptures. You can also get a great ocean view or watch the beachgoers to the north on South Pointe Pier. You can bring your fishing pole and tackle and try to bag some saltwater fish. Just don’t forget to get a saltwater fishing license before you head over.

south beach miami florida at night

Browse Through Lincoln Road Mall

The Lincoln Road Mall uses an older definition of “mall” than the usual indoor shopping venue. It’s a long pedestrian-only street that passes through the center of Miami Beach and features all kinds of shops, restaurants, parks, and entertainment hotspots either on the road itself or close by. You can find some exclusive merchandise and unique eateries there, making it a must-visit destination for every tourist. Even most Miami locals will head to the Lincoln Road Mall to do some shopping or catch a movie.

Take an Art Deco Tour

Miami Beach developed quite a bit during the first part of the 20th century thanks to cars and planes making it easier to get to Florida for a winter vacation. This happened to be right around when Art Deco was the style in fashion, and so the beachfront still has plenty of Art Deco buildings and decorations. You can book a guided tour to get some stories on your walk, or you can just stroll down Ocean Drive and see plenty of amazing buildings.

A photo essay filled with inspiration 

Views from our Beach Front hotel
sunset view of miami beach

Dancing and acrobats on the sand

kid playing in the sand of miami beach

Swimming in crystal blue waters

cristal blue water in miami beach

Building Sand Castles

kid playing with sand in miami beach florida

Walking along the boardwalk and people watching

walking on the streets of miami

Our Luxury Hotel on Miami Beach

shelborne hotel in miami beach

And Funky Kid Friendly Hotel Room on Miami Beach!

kid friendly room in miami florida


These are the fun activities for families I discovered on our recent visit to Miami, Florida. As you can see there is a good variety of things that can be done for all ages. I’m sure you will find the right thing for your needs.

Overall, having an adventure in Miami with my boys was a lot of fun. There were plenty of kid-friendly things to do in it. Have you ever been here with your kids? What was your favorite thing to do?

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What To Do With Kids in Miami Beach Photo Essay

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