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What to do if You Lose Your Car Keys: 5 Tips

Losing car keys or your key chain is a very frustrating experience, worse still if it happens when traveling. If you’ve misplaced or lost the key to your home or a car that is not with you during your travel, you can rest assured that your vacation or trip won’t be hindered by being locked out. However, you still have to deal with the situation once you get home. Here is what to do when you lose your car keys while traveling.

car keys while traveling
Safety travel tips – Man’s hands to take the keys to start the engine car. The key to starting the engine of the car

What to Do When You Lost Your Car Keys

First of all, do not panic. Although losing your car keys may mean cutting your trip short, avoid panicking because it only worsens your situation. Staying calm and composed gives you the ability to retrace your activities and try to recover the lost rental car keys. Try to think about where you last saw the keys, when you got out of your car, and what you were doing. You might have just misplaced them, and searching is the next thing you need to do. 

Is there any identifying information on the keys?

If you are traveling, you need to ask those around if they have spotted your car keys. If the lost rental car keys have some identifying information on them, like a notable key chain, the better. If you are on a family vacation check what you packed, and ask around and try to search where you last saw the keys. There could also be a possibility that your keys have been stolen and not lost.

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Give it a little more time.

Before you say you have lost your car keys, give yourself a little more time to remember where you placed them or saw them the last time. Search everywhere, including in the car itself, if you have it with you because locking car keys inside the car is a common scenario. If you have lost the car keys for your rental car during your trip, then that is more of an immediate problem. That also applies to hotel room keys.

Research a local locksmith

When you lose car keys or your chain of keys when traveling or on vacation, that’s more of an emergency problem. That means you should search for a 24/7 emergency locksmith to help you out of the situation as soon as possible. They can cut you a new key, rekey the locks or replace your car locks. Ensure they are trustworthy, licensed, insured, and reliable before they change or rekey your locks. Make sure to do localized searches, too, such as “Locksmith Grand Junction” to ensure they can arrive as quickly as possible! 

One of the best options if you lose your car keys and exhaust all the other options.

Note that locksmith 

Scams are common, so you have to do a bit of background research before hiring a locksmith.

Even if you have spare keys, you have to change the locks or rekey because you never know who found your lost rental car keys and can break into your home or car. Even after having your keys replaced, ensure you call a locksmith to rekey your locks once you get home. You can search for a locksmith in my area on google to find a reliable professional near your location. It may also good to file an insurance claim if you suspect that your keys were stolen during your trip. 

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