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Travel Guide on What to Do in Orlando Aside from Visiting the Parks

Whenever people hear the name Orlando their minds constantly go to the parks and all of the resorts built around them. And for good reason. They are amazing! Find information about What to do in Orlando outside of the parks next time you go for a visit. You are up for a lot of fun!

My family and I have been to Disney and Universal before and had a blast! However, we also took the time to explore the city. An I’m so glad we did. We had a blast at it because as it happens with every other city, it is an amazing place to learn about the culture, check out art and taste the delicious local cuisine.

So, if you are wondering about What to Do in Orlando other than visiting the parks, keep reading.

What to Do in Orlando

What to Do in Orlando

The first thing you should do is to get a car rental in Orlando. The city is large and public transport isn’t the best idea if you want to explore the city on your own schedule and in a relaxed way. Plus, nothing beats the privacy of having your own car.

1. ICON Orlando

This is one of the highest observation wheels on the east coast of the US. So you can’t miss it if you love enjoying skyline views. Plus you will be on board of air-conditioned pods to make it even more comfortable. This is a particularly popular attraction for couples, since the ride, especially during sunset can be extremely romantic.

There are also a lot of restaurants in ICON park that you and your partner can choose from. But if you want to end your fun day in a relaxing way, have some nice drink with your loved one in Tapa Toro Cocktail Bar. Enjoy their wide variety of cocktail drinks to pair with their famous Spanish cuisines. You can also try to dine in during their happy hour which is from 3 p.m to 6 p.m to enjoy discounts.

2. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

The place is especially popular with kids but anyone who is interested in learning more about the star-spangled life of an astronaut will definitely enjoy a visit to the center. It is filled with high-tech interactive exhibits where you can experience the space in augmented reality and even go on board of an attraction called the Shuttle Launch Experience, where you get to experience just that, being launched in a rocket.

3. Gatorland

Every animal and wildlife lover will love visiting this wildlife preserve. In it, you get to see up close and learn from gators, crocodiles, turtles, snakes, wildcats and other animals. You even get to feed baby alligators if you pick the trainer for a day program. Plus, there are attractions such as a zip line and off-roading on huge vehicles. There is even a night tour.

4. Dr. Phillips Center For The Performing Arts

Art and culture lovers can definitely have a blast in this place. The center for performing arts is home to the amazing Orlando Ballet and place where some of the best Broadway productions are shown on tout. There is always something to see in this compound of three theaters.

You even get to interact with those on stage by attending one of their dance masterclasses and during their regular PechaKucha Nights ( “chitchat” nights) you can also chat with your favorite actors.

5. Kissimmee

This is actually a whole different town outside of Orlando.  It is an amazing place to visit if you are looking to enjoy a lush Lakefront Park. You can go for a whole day,walk along the paths, enjoy the playgrounds with your family, go fishing or take a boat ride.  The place is also great for a picnic.

6. Revolution Off Road

Then there is this place where you can go wild behind the wheel of an all Terrain Vehicle. Adventurers looking for dirt, mud and racing large vehicles feel right at home here. More relaxed activities such as archery and fishing are also offered for those looking for something less extreme.

As you can see, most of the options that I mentioned above offer hours of entertainment and fun. You will have to plan at least one or two days aside from the park time if you want to truly enjoy Orlando. Rent a car in Orlando and set off on some of the most amazing adventures that the area has for travelers.

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