Top 7 Things To Do In Havana, Cuba

The number of things to see and things to do in Havana, Cuba will surprise you with its enormity! I couldn’t believe it when I first started researching before our trip

Where to start is always a big question for me, and when you are traveling with kids it’s better to have some sort of an idea. But if you are traveling to Cuba with kids, it’s also super important to be flexible.

Top 7 Things To Do In Havana, Cuba

Recommendations on the Best Things To Do In Havana, Cuba:

1. City Tour

I’m not a big tour person, although I do enjoy an occasional tour. This one turned out to be essential. Why? First of all, Havana is so big that you will spend tons of money on cabs taking you to some places and attractions that are way too far out of the way. With a tour you get to visit them and also know which spots you are going to return to do a deeper exploration.

Some spots you get to visit:

Revolution Square and go up in the Presidential tower

places to visit in cuba

Fuster’s House – a Cuban Artist’s house

things to do in cuba

Revolution Museum – Not really for kids younger than 14 years old

revolution museum, havana cuba

Capital Building and Central Park

capital building of cuba

2. Havana Vieja

You can literally get lost for hours here and won’t even feel the time go by. This was my absolute favorite spot and if I had time, I would probably come back over and over again. With plenty of parks and plazas, street musicians, santorini women and gorgeous architecture, your kids won’t get pissed that you are out and about all day here.

cathedral plaza - havana vieja - cuba

3. Havana Centro

This is the real Havana and where daily Cuban life is best experienced. Since there aren’t too many real stop and drop attractions, walking around the streets might get tiresome for your kids – quick. But get them to bear with you for at least one hour.

entrance to La Guarida - Paladar - havana centro cuba

4. Callejon de Hamel

This tiny alleyway is located in Havana Centro, but is only really experienced on Sunday’s after 12 PM when the African culture comes alive with music, dance and drumming. It’s also a place of art and you can have your kids play while enjoying the local artist’s handiwork on the walls and buildings.

entrance to callejon de hamel, habana cuba

5. Vedado, Havana

This is the newer part of Havana and more modern. The buildings are taller and the streets are wider. Walking on the streets here can also get boring for the kids, but at least here you can use the Coppelia Ice Cream shop card, which is the most famous ice cream in Cuba and is actually a huge park where the kids can run around safely and content with their bellies full.

the famous coppelia ice cream in havana cuba

6. Malecon

This is the famous boardwalk like street. It’s actually a street that surrounds the entire Havana and where the waves crash into daily as you look out onto the Caribbean Sea as you look out on to El Morro – the Fortress.

el morro fort - havana cuba

7. Miramar

This is now leaving the main area of Havana and crossing under one of the main tunnels. This is more of a residential area, but if your kids need a serious break from walking and city viewing you can visit the National Aquarium and have some fun time with dolphins and sea lions.

befriending dolphins at national aquarium in havana cuba

Each area of Havana can keep you busy for days. So if you can only do half a day of actual exploring you can always go to the National Hotel of Cuba which has a great view of the Sea, the Malecon and the Fortress and still enjoy Havana but with your kids happy too. There are things to do in Cuba for everyone.

What other fun things to do in Havana? Let me know in the comments.

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Top 7 Things To Do In Havana, Cuba

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