What To Do In Case Of A Truck Accident: An 8-step Guide

How many times a day do you drive near a semi-truck? You likely don’t have an answer because it’s so commonplace that it doesn’t cross your mind. The real reason that you’re being asked that question is that if you don’t consider the regularity of driving around commercial trucks, you likely don’t question what to do if you ever got into an accident involving one.

Eight of the most important things that you need to do if you ever get into a Truck Accident. Learn all about 8-step guide of Truck Accident.

It’s not that you need to live your life in fear on the road, but being aware of what happens during and after an accident is something all motorists should be prepared for. Least of all, a semi-truck accident can be serious business. Here is a simple 8 step guide to follow after a truck accident.

what to do in case of a truck accident: 8 step guide
In this post we go over the steps you should take if involved in a truck accident

What To Do In Case Of A Truck Accident

1. Call Police or Emergency Services

Like any accident, calling the police and/or emergency services, in general, is the first step. A semi-truck can cause major harm and you might need medical attention. This is your first step following the accident. Similarly, the accident could be minor, like a slow-moving sideswipe, but they need to cordon off the area to investigate and get statements.

2. Receive Medical Help

You’re next going to need to seek medical treatment if you have sustained injuries. This is why it’s so important to call for emergency services as quickly as possible. A semi-truck accident could be minor, maybe some whiplash, or it could result in serious physical trauma. You need to think about your health first before anything else.

3. Contact a Lawyer

After the initial accident and making sure everyone, including yourself, is safe, you can then start thinking about things like getting an attorney and this Las Vegas semi-trailer truck accident lawyer goes through the process of why it’s important, and why you need to have legal representation. Just as in Las Vegas as you would in Knoxville, the legal issues around an accident like who’s at-fault are tough to handle by yourself, so hiring a lawyer quickly will help you figure out your next moves.

However, if an accident happened in LA, you would need to find the best truck accident attorney Los Angeles has to offer since laws and regulations may differ from other states. It’s important to also note that the statute of limitation is two years in California, so it’s crucial to act as soon as possible.

Moreover, according to a Tampa semi truck accident lawyer, speaking with specified attorneys who would be able to take your case is essential. It helps streamline the legalities and build a strong claim case considering the expertise in the required field.

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4. Contact Your Insurance Company

One of those next moves that you should do on your own, even independently from your legal guidance, is contacting your insurance company.

Exchanging insurance info with other motorists, in this case, the truck driver, helps the coverage providers get information on the investigation that will need to take place. They’ll likely send a claims adjuster to determine damages and figure out how this will impact your claim and/or lawsuit.

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5. Document the Scene of the Accident

What To Do In Case Of A Truck Accident An 8-step Guide
Documenting the scene is an important step to take if involved in a truck accident and you can tart this right away without having to wait for the authotrties to arrive.

You don’t have to wait until the police arrive to start doing some investigation yourself. You should take photos of the damage to your vehicle, the truck, public/private property, and any debris left. It’s also advised that you get statements from witnesses. The importance of evidence is crucial in determining your ability to successfully win the case.

Most times a delivery truck driver has a video camera if they are in the area, and might have gotten photos.

6. Get Information from any Witnesses

Talking to witnesses is a crucial part of your evidence-gathering skills. Photos will do a lot in helping you, the insurance company, first responders, and lawyers see the extent of the accident, but it’s also good to get accounts from eyewitnesses while it’s fresh. It’s often considered that eyewitness testimony is weak evidence because it can be swayed or changed over time, but it’s evidence nonetheless and it makes it more accurate when you can gather it immediately.

7. Find Out the Estimate on Your Damages

You also want to find out how much the damages are going to cost. This can be done by the investigators sent by your insurance company, but you also want an estimate from multiple sources. The cost of damages for the estimate can change a lot from source to source so it’s in your best interest to get a good average to consider instead of just relying on one.

8. Avoid Discussing or Spreading Information on Your Accident

It’s also going to be advised that you keep quiet about the accident. Everything you say or do is going to be taken into consideration for your case or claim. That means avoiding discussing the accident with the other motorist outside of the insurance and information exchange and keeping posts off of social media. Your lawyer will advocate against discussing it with anyone but them so heed that advice.

Hopefully, it never comes to the point where you’ll need to refer to this information following an accident with a semi-truck, but it’s also necessary to know what to do which is why it’s so useful to brush up on it just in case.

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Last Updated on December 22, 2023

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