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What To Do If You Stayed At A Hotel With Bed Bugs During Travelling

It happens to the best of us. You book a room for a nice getaway, excited to spend some time on a vacation. Then one day you wake up covered in itchy bites and see a bug near the headboard. You start googling bed bugs, and sure enough the bug you saw looks exactly like a bed bug. You call the hotel front desk about the bugs, and they apologize and switch your room. 

Be aware that you may bring some of the bed bugs into the new room if you are not careful. Bed bugs are hitchhikers and you can pick them up on clothing, luggage, and shoes. They can easily get on your luggage if you have the luggage anywhere within the bed bug infested room. Bed bugs are often found in beds, dressers, moldings, couches, night tables, closets, and more. If you have kids you should learn how to get rid of baby bed bugs. There really isn’t a safe place to put your luggage if the room is infested. 

Staying in a hotel with bed bugs is not recommended. If you cannot change rooms immediately, put all of your clothes and luggage in a sealed bag to take home. After you get home, wash and dry all your clothes in the hottest setting.We will give you a few tips in the article below, about what to do if you stay in a hotel with bed bugs. 

Tip #1 

Put all of your clothing and suitcase into bags that are airtight. Before bringing the clothing into your home, stop at a laundromat with the big industrial dryers. Carefully heat all clothing for at least 45 minutes on the hottest setting. Then once you get home wash everything at least once again. 

Tip #2 

When you get home, place your suitcase in the bathtub and use a steamer for bed bugs on every inch of the luggage. The reason for placing it in the bathtub is so that you can easily contain any bugs that may try to get away. After steaming the bags, you can place it inside an airtight plastic bin. Make sure that before you decide to use it on another trip, steam it a 2nd or 3rd time. The steamer for bed bugs will also come in handy for disinfecting your floors, we love to use it for both purposes. 

Tip #3 

Hire an inspection service like Doctor Sniffs Bed Bug Dogs to come and search your home. A bed bug dog is the only way to know for sure if your home is bed bug-free in the early stages. A dog can sniff out single bed bugs that may be hiding in a crack or crevice. Using a bed bug dog will leave you plenty of time to eradicate the bugs before they spread. Most cities worldwide have bed bug dogs you can hire for an inspection. 

Tip #4 

If you know that you react to bed bug bites, then once you get home, you can monitor your skin for new bite marks. However, 30% of people do not have a skin reaction to bed bug bites. So make sure to monitor your skin closely. As long as you know that you react to the bites, you will be able to use this as a way to see if you brought any home with you. Just be aware that often the bites from bed bugs are delayed. This means that the bug that bit you on Monday may not show a skin reaction until Thursday. Each person’s allergic reaction is different. 

Tip #5 

Set out some bed bug monitors and traps. One bed bug monitor is an interceptor cup; you place the interceptor cup under the legs of a bed or sofa. The bed bug monitor will catch any crawling bugs that may try to cross over it. You can also try some of the bed bug traps that you see in a hardware store, although these may not work. Monitors and traps are a non-toxic way to watch the situation. 

Final Thoughts On What To Do If Your Hotel Has Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs are a significant problem that is increasing in frequency. They typically hide during the day and come out at night to feed on their host’s blood, but there have been cases of bed bug infestations where they were found during the day as well. If you stay in a hotel with bedbugs, be very careful about your luggage coming into your home. You should also remove all clothing from your suitcase before bringing it back home so that you can wash everything thoroughly for 45 minutes, at least in the hottest setting possible.

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