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What To Do Before Traveling Internationally With Your Children?

Traveling opens you to new horizons and many new experiences. It is an equally exciting and enriching experience for kids, as well. There are new places to see, new faces to meet, new food to try, and needless to mention but spend quality time with family. Everything is unexplored for the children in your family. 

However, traveling with kids can also be a daunting task altogether – never-ending things to carry, erratic plans, and of course, managing the tantrums they throw out of the blue. Are you traveling with your kids for the first time? 

Are you wondering how to make this trip and the trips to come – a lifetime experience? Bookmark these tips on what to do before traveling internationally with your children and create memories.

Get immunizations done with some precautions.

Consult with your travel partner and discuss all the necessary and recommended vaccinations pertaining to your destination. Make sure to visit your doctor’s clinic at least 3-months before you take off for your holidays and get all vaccinations done. Make it a thumb rule – do not get vaccinated and fly. 

Almost everybody knows about the possible side effects of immunization – rashes, diaper blowouts, nagging, and fever, to mention a few. And, we know that you would never want to deal with all these things while traveling. So, get your kids vaccinated but not close to your travel date. After all, you also want to create beautiful memories sans any issues. Right?

Pack extra – It is going to be your savior.

Kids are geniuses. Even if you are super-careful, your kids are one step ahead of you. They somehow manage to spoil their outfits in utter creative ways. Jokes apart, it is true for many children. So, no matter what, pack some extra clothing when flying internationally or domestically.

Get your long-flight arsenal ready!

The best and most effective antidote to the small attention span of kids includes a lot of things – books, toys, colors, clay, stickers, and a phone or tab full of the apps and games they love. Yes, you are right? If you can carry all these things, you can, at least, prepare yourself for flights with long flying hours. And, do not forget about snacks. Make sure to take healthy snacks in your carry-on, including cookies, dry fruits, veggies, fruit, and every possible thing. Waiting for meals on the flight can make your hungry kid even more cranky due to the combat between blood and sugar.

Keep the medical unit ready.

Medical emergencies are as unpredictable as the mood blowups of your kids. So, make sure to be prepared with your medical kit before flying internationally. The best thing to do here is – to keep two different sets – one for the carry-on and another for checked-in luggage.

Book your tickets on night flights.

Let the biological clock continue. Reserve your seats on the flights they operate during nighttime, whenever possible. When your kids are tired enough, they can sleep comfortably through the flight. Just make sure to carry some warm clothes or blankets to let them feel the coziness of home. Also, take a scarf or eye mask to block light so that they can sleep without disturbance.

Did you book the lap seat?

Kids under 2-years can fly without a ticket with most airlines. However, it is not worth saving at the cost of your comfort, especially during long flights. You may choose to have your child sit on your lap, but it could feel uneasy during long and overnight flights. You can get rid of this issue by getting an infant ticket on your international flight or emergency flight. With most airlines, you are likely to pay for the taxes but not the full fare for booking a lap seat.

As your international trip can take you to diverse time zones, jet lag can be one of the worst foes of your kids. Kids, especially infants, find it hard to overcome jet lag as their circadian rhythms are not as developed as teens and adults. However, you can help them acclimatize to different time zones by trying the following hacks:

  • If your tour itinerary takes you to Europe, do remember – its time zone is way ahead of other countries like the USA. You can make your child sleep an hour earlier and wake up accordingly to help them adapt to a new time zone. It will be great if you kickstart with the new routine a couple of weeks before your flight departs.
  • If you are going to the West Coast, just do it the other way round.
  • Make sure to allow your child to get plenty of sunlight when you land at your destination. It can do wonders.
  • What to do if your child gets exhausted? Many parents force their kids to stay up in order to make them sleep at the time. Do not do it. Instead, if your child wants to sleep, let them take a nap for around 30 minutes to 1-hour. It will help them mingle with the new time zone while making them less sleep-deprived.

Did you buy your visitors’ insurance plan?

Whether traveling to the East, West, North, or South, make sure to buy your best buddy – a dedicated Visitors health insurance or visitors insurance before you embark on your journey. Having the assurance of travel medical coverage makes your vacation happy and peaceful. Unfortunately, even if you meet with an accident or contract any infection, your expenses will be covered by your insurance policy.

To buy an appropriate Visitor Health Insurance Plan, a comparative analysis of a plethora of products available in the market is necessary. It will help you zero in on the right insurance coverage. Thanks to the World Wide Web, you can compare policies online through various insurance broking platforms like visitorsguru. As far as one of the reliable and customer-friendly portals is concerned, Visitors Guru is the best one to bank upon. So, compare a wide range of policies and choose the one that’s suitable for you.

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