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Things To Do In SeaWorld Attractions, Orlando Florida

The amount of Sea World attractions in Orlando Florida and the things to see seem almost endless. So between the big events such as dolphins and Shamu, we had a blast exploring!

Things To Do In Seaworld attractions Orlando florida

Sting Rays! 

You can pet them, feed them, and play with them.

sea world attractions


You can get right in there. Or, you can keep dry and just a get a peak inside.

what to do at sea world

Oysters and Pearls!

You can have someone get an oyster and pull out a beautiful pearl for you to take home.

animals in sea world


Ok, who doesn’t love turtles?

Sea World Attractions – Orlando Florida

2 thoughts on “Things To Do In SeaWorld Attractions, Orlando Florida

  1. Not only does SeaWorld provide great family entertainment and thrilling rides, wildlife education is also all over the park. From petting sting rays to watching one of their amazing animal shows, there’s always something new to learn about their animals or conservation efforts.

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