Traveling The Country Using An RV? Here’s What to Bring on an RV Road Trip

So you want to go on a little adventure in your RV but can’t decide where to start – worry no more! First-time campers and RV owners aren’t as experienced when it comes to packing for a perfect road trip, but that’s something that’s easily learned – there isn’t a particularly good or bad way to do it. It just varies how prepared or in another case unprepared you are! It’s important to be well balanced and know exactly what you need, as you have no idea what can go wrong along the way, especially if you plan on traveling to rural areas or the countryside! Here’s all you should bring to your RV road trip!Recommended Read: Top 7 Best US Road Trips to Take in an RV

Traveling The Country Using An RV? Here's What You Should Bring

What to Bring on an RV Road Trip


Before you jump in your RV and start your adventure, you wanna make sure that you are ready to leave – and this means having all the technicalities in check! So many things can happen on the road that will leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere – might as well be prepared for everything! You need to check out certain items like handy toolboxes, portable compressors, or even the best RV batteries for boondocking – those are all extremely important things that will make your trip so much easier. Comfort is such an important factor if you want to get the best out of your trip!

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Kitchen Necessities

Want to travel to the country and outside of the busy streets, chances are you won’t come across a restaurant any time soon – so you’ll need to work around this. The benefits of traveling via RV instead of a car is the obvious space you can use however you want, this includes a cooking space. But you’ll need lots of cooking utensils, or at least the bare minimum! Even if you bring lots of canned food or pre-made meals, you’ll still need items like plates, pans, knives and stuff like that, and even more, if you plan on cooking on the spot!

Clothes and Comfy Things

If you plan on traveling for more than a few days, you better pack a bunch of spare clothes – chances are there won’t be a place to wash them anywhere near you. Obviously, pack according to the weather and try to bring warm clothes just in case, and bring sturdy walking shoes with you, and possibly something waterproof – you don’t want to catch a cold during your trip! Just make sure everything is rather comfortable and practical, you don’t need fancy outfits and stuff like that – you’ll be thankful later!

Practical Stuff

RVs are good because you can pack so many things that can play a big part in making you comfortable on the road. Unlike traveling by a small car, you can pack so many useful outdoor items like stools, foldable chairs, and a small table so you can set it up in front of the RV and enjoy the nature around you! Maybe even throw a big umbrella or a fan so you can really enjoy those sunny days! Who knows what you might need whilst on the road, so try to be creative when making a list of items you need!


The road can be long and antagonizing, even if you are traveling with your loved ones! It’s always good to have a couple of books lying around just in case you feel bored or have nothing to do. Board games are perfect if you are bringing your whole family, so all ages can enjoy an activity together! You can even take it a step further and bring your fishing equipment, this can be both practical and a fun activity to do whilst on the road! 

Traveling The Country Using An RV? Here's What You Should Bring


Even if the road trip revolves around the outdoors and nature, you still have some time to kill whilst on the road! Bringing your most used gadgets is probably the best way to beat boredom, and to have lots of fun while you are at it. But with that being said, you can bring something practical as well, like a mini telescope or a camera! Cameras are great as you’ll capture precious memories and breathtaking scenery on the road, so it’s a win-win situation! 

There is so much you can actually bring to a road trip, but at the end of the day, you want to get the necessities first and then add whatever else you deem important. Make sure you have a checklist and write down a list of items, this way you won’t end up forgetting anything! Who knows what could happen, so it’s better to be prepared and safe than sorry later!

Last Updated on August 18, 2023

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