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What Shouldn’t Miss in a Man’s Closet?

Have you been wondering why people don’t compliment your looks? Well, maybe its because you don’t want to give them the reasons to do so. Because, if today you pass somewhere rocking a Nomos GlashütteTangente trust it that you’ll not go unnoticed. In fact, you need to make sure that you always get valuable watches from companies like Nomos, because they bring variety to complement anyone’s look; with a varying budget.Have you been wondering why people don’t compliment your looks? You don’t easily find a designer suit in every man’s closet.

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man's closet

A watch will definitely define the gentleman’s side of you, even if you are dressed in casual wear. Other than that, what things shouldn’t miss in a man’s closet? Well, they include but are not limited to the following:


There is nothing that beats the confidence of knowing that you are looking good and smelling nice. Actually, looking good is just a bonus on top because smelling nice is the real deal. And so to make you know, women get turned off by bad odor and that shouldn’t be happening to you. Other than that ordinary deodorant, get yourself some nice designer cologne and wear it on special occasions such as night outs. Also, please don’t keep it strong to the extent of hurting other people’s nostrils. As for workplaces, it is advisable to keep it non-scented deodorants, especially if you have strict dress code regulations.

Dark shades

Dark shades come in handy, especially if you want to cover that which you don’t want people to see. For instance, you can use it on your bad days when you didn’t get enough sleep to cover the swollen eyes, or just when you want to keep it low profile in an event. 

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Designer suit

You may not appreciate the need for a suit until you suddenly need it, and it’s something you can’t get at the snap of your fingers if you want something tailored. Even rappers have at least a few pairs of designer suits. Get at least two, even if you aren’t that much into them.


As a man, you have to let off the week’s steam and pressure through a relaxed weekend. An out to the mall in a pair of sandals will do.  Sandals can also help you when driving. Remember, if you are driving for long distances, you need to be as comfortable as possible.

Shaving tools

Lastly, you don’t know when your barber will go missing or when the power will decide to be out when you are needed to attend an important meeting. Shaving tools like shaving foam and a razor can really come in handy, especially if love keeping it clean-shaven head. Other tools like after-shave creams and powder will help even if you don’t shave from home. Remember, razor bumps don’t make you look any gentler, and that is bad news as far as being a gentleman is concerned. Some people also shave with their machines from home, which is also good.

A briefcase 

A modern man must have a briefcase in their closet. It should be a cool briefcase that can carry your laptop. At times the need to carry your laptop home from work may arise or rather from home to work. Carrying a laptop bag every morning isn’t appealing. So, a briefcase is a perfect bet.

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Dark/blue jeans 

If you work in an office, having jeans in your man’s closet may seem unnecessary. Also, jeans may not be your thing. However, having just a pair will do you no harm. Jeans match well with certain occasions, for instance, vacations, trips, or parties. It would be ridiculous going for a vacation or hiking in official outfits.

A fashionable leather wallet 

A wallet is a must-have for every man. You can buy one or two. It will help you carry important documents such as national ID, ATM, Credit cards and so on.

White T-shirt 

If your closet does not have a white T-shirt, then you need to go back to the market. After a long day at work, the best thing you can do is take a shower and change into a white t-shirt and blue or black jeans. Still, it’s the best outfit for weekends. Make sure you get the best quality. The best thing about a white T-shirt fashion is that it complements all skin colors.

If you pay attention to such simple things that shouldn’t miss in your wardrobe, then you shouldn’t have a hard time getting ready for an impromptu meeting. We didn’t include casual or copper clothes because those are basic clothes that almost everyone has. You don’t easily find a designer suit in every man’s closet.

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