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What Should You Check Before Buying a 5th Wheel Hitch?

Different types of hitches are available in the marketplace depending on towing capacity, weight, installation, working process, and budget. A 5th wheel hitch is a part of the towing mechanism that lets you tow your trailer or RV out into the beautiful outdoors. So, if you are one of the travelers, the article will help you find the right buying tips for 5th wheel hitch for a safe and memorable trip.

Wheel Hitch

According to a report by KPMG, domestic tourism is expected to boom in Australia. As a result, travelers would be looking for short and affordable holidays, increasing the frequency of road trips. So, if you are one of the travelers, the article will help you find the right hitch for a safe and memorable trip.   

Different Types of 5th Wheel Hitch

Gooseneck Hitch

As the name suggests, this hitch is used to tow gooseneck trailers. The gooseneck hitch, shaped like a ball, will be installed on the bed truck, which will connect the fifth wheel to the vehicle.  

2-way Pivot Head

This hitch moves two ways, forward and back. The design of the hitch enables the towing vehicle to get over an incline before the trailer reaches the grade change, preventing additional stress on the hitch.  

4-way Pivot Head

This hitch works similar to a 2-way pivot head; the difference is, it can move side to side. So if you are planning to drive on rough terrain, a 4-way pivot head hitch would be an ideal option to purchase.

Universal Rails

The advantage of using universal rails is that it is easy to use and install features on any trailer. In addition, there is no need to drill holes onto your truck’s frame.

Custom Rails

Custom rails come with pre-existing drilled holes. In addition, you get a set of personalized rails which you can adjust as required.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a 5th Wheel Hitch

Towing Vehicle

Before you get into hitches, first consider the type of vehicle you will be using to tow your RV. If your towing vehicle does not have enough power or can support only certain hitch types, then start your search with hitches compatible with your truck.

Weight Capacity

How much weight can the hitch comfortably manage? Depending on the brand, the hitch could support anywhere from 15,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs. 

Hauling an RV with a hitch, not equipped to handle its weight, can be dangerous. It could put severe pressure on both the hitch and the towing vehicle. 

Bed Truck Length

If you have a shortened bed truck, you are running the risk of the trailer hitting your towing vehicle on sharp turns. A slider hitch could come in handy in such situations.

The hitch will slide towards the tailgate of your truck, pushing the trailer away from the towing vehicle, giving you space to make tight turns with ease.


Look for options to get an idea of how much a hitch could cost. It would be best to priorities the features you are looking for in the hitch and then set a budget accordingly. 

When buying a 5th wheel hitch, start with understanding the towing vehicle you would be using. What type of hitches would best work with your truck type, towing and weight capacity? Also, consider the installation process and factor in its cost in your budget.


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