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What Makes Golf An Ideal Sport In The New Normal

The new normal is here for the foreseeable future, and it has changed life in more than one way. Home is the new workplace for most Americans as countless businesses have decided to operate remotely. When it comes to sports, you cannot expect to watch matches at crowded venues anytime soon. For the enthusiasts who want to play rather than watch, choices in sports are limited for now.Golf is an ideal sport if you explore a relatively safe sport in post-pandemic world.Let us explain why it best choice for sports lovers.

Golf is an ideal sport

Social distancing is possible

Whether you work, party, or play, safety will be on top of your mind at this point. Social distancing is your best defense against the virus, so you need to choose your activities judiciously. Golf gets brownie points for being an outdoor sport that facilitates social distancing by default. You need not be in close contact with anyone when you are on the course. Just follow a few precautions like mask-wearing and hand hygiene, and you can play for the entire day without worrying about safety. Be sure to keep a distance in the clubhouse, and the virus wouldn’t touch you. 

You get good exercise 

Golf is your chance for outdoor exercise after staying indoors for almost a year. It is a great exercise as you spend most of your time on your feet. Moreover, you also end up walking around four miles during the game. Further, you get plenty of workouts as you swing your shots and carry your Sunday golf bag around the course. You can pick a sturdy one big enough to pack your clubs and easy enough to carry around. Right now, it makes sense to handle your own stuff rather than seek help and come in close contact with someone else. When you are outdoors, you also get a hefty dose of vitamin D. Sunlight and fresh air strengthens your immunity, which can protect you from the virus.

Secure the benefit of mental wellness

Physical exercise is only one benefit of playing golf amid the pandemic. It also takes you a step closer to mental wellness, which is the need of the hour. Spending time outdoors alleviates anxiety, induces mental calmness, and promotes an overall feeling of well-being. You can relax and enjoy along with your family without fearing the infection as long as you follow the rules. The venue is for everyone because golf is a family sport. It can be the much-needed respite from lockdown stress and social isolation. You may even plan a socially distanced outing with your gang. It’s a great option to meet and connect, even if you cannot do it at your favorite party venue. 

If you want to get back with your sports love in the new normal, golf is the best option to explore. You can make an exciting comeback if you are a seasoned player. Conversely, it is an excellent sport to learn as a beginner. 

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