What is the Difference Between a Tube Top and a Crop Top

Tops are the clothing or garments which usually cover the upper body. The bottom of the top can be as short as mid-torso or as long as mid-thigh. Tops are a woman’s favorite form of clothing. Tops can give you a subtle look and also the trendiest look. 

Additionally, tops are the simplest to wear and the most easily accessible garment of all. There are many categories of tops available for women. We have listed a few of them here:

– Blouse

– Crop Top

– Tank Top

– Tube Top

– Cami Top

– Tunic Top

– Off-shoulder Top

– Shirt style Top

– High Low Top

– One shoulder top

– High-neck Top

– Layered Top

– Kaftan

– Wrap Top

– Asymmetric Top

Right from casual home wear to the proper formal wear, tops are the right solution. Tops are suitable for most women and are available for almost all types of events. You can add more style to your outfit by pairing your tank tops with the right bra


What is a crop top?

Crop tops are the best option for ladies to show off their beautiful bellies. In today’s fashion trends, two piece sets clothing are the most selected type of tops by women and girls of all ages.

Crop tops have different necklines and designs making them the most attractive. 

Crop tops can be sleeveless or sleeved. They suit both formal and casual occasions. Crop tops are the ones that reveal your stomach and your belly but are not too short like tube tops. Their length is big compared to that of the tube top.

What is a different type of crop top?

There are multiple styles of crop tops that are in trend currently. As mentioned, crop tops can be with sleeves or sleeveless. So here is a list of a few styles of crop tops that are trending:

– Knit crop top

– Ruffled sleeves crop top

– Sleeveless spaghetti crop top

– Halter neck crop top

– Choker neck crop top

– V-back crop top

– Turtle neck crop top

– Puff sleeve crop top

Long sleeve cut out crop top

– Crop top with a hood

– Front buttoned shirt style crop top

– Back-buttoned blouse style crop top

– Frill crop top

– Open back crop top

– Low back crop top

– Squareneck crop top

– Denim crop top

– Cami crop top

– Front low knot crop top


What is the right way to wear a crop top?

A crop top can be paired with high waist jeans, skinny jeans, high-ankle jeans, mini skirt, midi skirt, full-length skirt, jeans, or cotton shorts. Crop tops also go well with jeggings. 

Crop tops are the best pick for girls going to schools and colleges. But that’s not the end of their choice of occasion. Crop tops are also best suited for formal parties and cocktail parties. 

A crop top paired with skinny jeans and pumps or sneakers will give you the perfect glowing look for summer. Additionally, if a crop top is paired with loose baggy jeans and sneakers will give you the classy casual look.

How to choose the right crop top?

It becomes a bit of work to choose the right crop top. Hence, one must be aware of what is a crop top and how it is to look after wearing it. 

The right crop top for you is the one that lands just right above your body’s natural waistline, keeping your stomach and belly visible. The crop top whose bottom lands above your waistline will give you the perfect fit and flattering look. 

If your crop top seems to be body fitting don’t worry. Some crop tops are designed and cut in such as way that it will give the feeling of a bodycon top. Though, the choice is entirely yours how to fit you want your crop top to be. 

What are Tube tops?

A Tube top also known as a boob in the UK are sleeveless top, a shoulderless women’s garment wrapping your body around the upper torso. 

A tube top is the one that covers your breast line and sticks around it. The crop has no other support from the shoulder or sleeves. The tube top uses elastic at the top end and bottom end which holds it on your body and prevents it from falling. 

A tube black bodice top can be used as an inner garment and also a top. A tube as a top gives you a bold look with shoulderless, backless, and sleeveless. It exposes most of your upper body leaving only the upper torso region covered.

What are the different types of Tube Top?

Usually, tube tops are sleeveless but some tube tops have sleeves. Though tube tops are almost of similar type though some tube tops are styled differently and have a bit more length than the usual. Let us know more about various styles of tube tops:

– Shirt styled tube tops

– Crop tube tops

– Tube top-dress (usually the upper half of the dress resembles the tube top)

– Party tube top

– Fashionable tube top

– Sleeved tube top

– Cocktail party tube top

– Casual tube top

– Printed tube top

– Formal tube top

Some categories of tube tops are based on fabrics:

– Latex tube top

– Cotton lycra tube top

– Georgette tube top


How to wear a Tube top?

A tube top as said can be chosen as inner wear. You can choose to wear a tube as a top alone. Tube tops can be paired with high waist jeans, jeans skirts, flared skirts, or shorts. 

Tube tops can be used to get a two-layer top garment, the tube top as the inner layer and an open shirt as an outer layer. This with shorts, baggy jeans, skinny jeans, and jeggings gives the most stylish look. 

Tube top with bell-bottom jeans and a pair of heels will give you the trendsetter look. 

Tube top with/without an open shirt with baggy jeans and a pair of sneakers will give you a cozy look. A white pair of sneakers is the ultimate and most elegant choice for wearing a Tube top.

Though both crop top and tube top may feel the same to you, now you know that’s not the case. Both tube tops and crop tops differ in their way of designing, styling, and wearing. 

Last Updated on July 1, 2022

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