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What is an Intelligent Parking Assist System During Travelling?

Intelligent Parking Assist System, better known as Advanced Parking Guidance System for Toyota vehicles in the U.S., is the first mass-production autonomous electric vehicle parking system designed and manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation. This revolutionary new technology is revolutionizing the transportation industry with its revolutionary new features. The new feature provides an incredible safety feature for both drivers and passengers. With this system on the road, accidents and injuries in traffic could be decreased or eliminated. 

How Intelligent Parking Assist System Work?

The intelligent system uses a data fusion center that recognizes the unique characteristics of the vehicle it is tracking. Once the vehicle’s tail lights or signal lights are activated, the sensors “see” the vehicle’s position, speed, and direction and send a signal to the system’s central unit. The information sent back to the central unit allows it to make a split-second decision about what to do next, which is to either re-orient the steering wheel to the current heading or to break the vehicle to stop at a stoplight or an area of traffic. This is done without the intervention of the driver or passenger. 

This system works extremely well for cars with automatic transmissions since most automatic cars already have this technology built into their computers. However, it can work equally well for standard manual transmission cars. In addition, the i-park feature can work extremely well for trucks, motorcycles and SUVs since the majority of people driving these types of vehicles are not using their hands to drive them. Again, since the majority of drivers do not utilize their hands to drive, this will prevent most accidents due to human error. 

If you own one of these luxury vehicles and are looking for a way to protect your investment, you need to look into parking assistance. As I mentioned earlier, most of today’s vehicles are made pretty tightly and compactly, which makes it difficult to park. As the years pass and technology improves, we are also seeing more cars being manufactured with a larger passenger compartment, usually between the engine and the seats. This has increased the amount of room available for people to park their cars, but it has created even more challenges in terms of parking. 

What are the Intelligent parking systems for?

Intelligent parking systems are designed to allow vehicles to park themselves. The idea is to have the parking unit communicate with the central unit and the vehicle’s computer. Through the communication system, the central unit is alerted by the unit’s owner that the vehicle needs to be assisted. Once the assist command is issued, the system begins to work to park the vehicle. It may require some human supervision to ensure that the packing straps and other safety precautions are followed, but once the job is done, the vehicle can then be released into the parking spot. 

Many of today’s parking systems also include automatic parallel parking, electronic brake lights, automatic locking and other added features. These are designed to help the car stay in place and avoid unwanted collisions with other vehicles. If an attempt is made to corner the vehicle, the electronic brakes will effectively apply the brakes and keep the car in place until it comes to a screeching stop. This will help avoid any accidents and also reduce the likelihood of the car causing damage to itself or another vehicle.

Can You Incorporate Other Features?

Parking Assist Systems can also incorporate other features, including Global Positioning System, Satellite Tracking, and LIDAR scan. With a LIDAR scan, the system will determine the speed that the vehicle is traveling and give the driver information about the vehicle’s current location. When the location is pinpointed, the system can determine the direction the vehicle is heading, and if necessary, the steering wheel controls will be used to keep the vehicle where it needs to go. All of these things are extremely important to a driver, and they all work together to help prevent unfortunate occurrences such as a rollover, or in an accident. 

Intelligent parking systems may also have the ability to detect obstacles in the road ahead and steer clear of them. It may even have the ability to turn on the headlights and signal when necessary. A lot of the features offered by these parking systems are designed to help prevent a number of problems that could arise. Most of these solutions are available on new cars, but new installations of these systems can also be done to older cars. These solutions provide an incredible amount of benefit to a driver and can help to save them from many unpleasant and costly occurrences that could otherwise occur.

If you have an auto warranty on your car, make sure you check with your provider and see if it covers things like a park assist system. Due to mechanical failure, these things can be very costly and if you have a warranty can save you a lot of money. Manufacturer warranties expire so make sure you look into an extended car warranty. You can go online to different websites to see what is covered under the warranty. Most of the time, even the most advanced technology is still covered under the warranty. 

The intelligent parking system’s ability to assist drivers to park is a long time of innovation. In the present and future, technology will keep improving and the automobile industry will continue to grow. 

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