Auto Hotel (Love Hotel): An Experience Worth Having


love hotel room with chains
Some hotel rooms in Auto Hotels come equipped with equipment like chains and themes.

In Central America—and even throughout Latin America because families tend to live together forever and ever—there is an entire industry called Auto hotels. Otherwise known as a Love hotel, today we’re going to talk about how fun it can be to stay in an Auto Hotel.

What is an Auto Hotel?

Basically, an Auto Hotel is a Love Hotel where people pay for rooms for hours—usually, these hotels come with different sexual amenities. A lot of people and I want to keep things clean, you know, couples who aren’t able to get away in their house, they go to one of these hotels.

But we all know that it’s also used for: mistresses and whatnot.

How Do Auto Hotels Work?

Basically, the way an auto hotel works is it’s literally auto-friendly. You drive up to the hotel, pull inside, and everything is really discreet. You do not need to have an car. You could walk in. But each one has its own garage, which is why “auto” lends its name to these hotels.

No one ever sees you. There are many ways that money is passed to the auto hotel. You could either send it up chutes located in the rooms, or there’s little doors, little pockets that open. Nobody ever sees you.

Obviously, the staff could see you briefly, but not really.

At an auto hotel, you can rent the room from anywhere from two to four hours. And some of them offer twelve hours, if you’re renting with a “stay-the-night” type of special. But these hotels are usually used for four hours as the standard amount of time.

auto hotel room
Love hotels can also just look like a pretty nice hotel room!

Auto Hotels in Central America

There are tons of auto hotels located across Central America—from Mexico all the way south—they’re everywhere. You will see them throughout your travels, especially if you’re looking for them. But they are not hotels intended for travelers, they are literally used as love hotels by locals.

And they do have a sleazy feel, overall.

But I have to say, some of these auto hotels are very high class. They are so unique.

What is an auto hotel room like?

Each room has its own theme. For the majority of them, definitely go for the more expensive one if you want to give it a shot. And let me tell you, it’s a lot of fun.

You go in, for instance, one hotel that we go to, and it’s the highest paid one, the most upper scale one. So obviously, if you’re going to be paying $20, you’re going to get your $20 room.

If you’re paying $100, you’re going to get a love hotel to match that budget. So you need to understand the difference when you’re booking a room

marine themed auto hotel room
The nicer love hotels have quite classy themes, like this marine themed auto hotel room.

What are upper-scale auto hotels like?

So let’s pretend that we’re going to be focusing on the upper-scale auto hotels.

They are amazing. Like each room is so well done, you could tell that they hired the best interior decorators. And I know right now there’s a really cool show on Netflix, creating Your Sex Room.

And this is where it definitely evolved from. These hotel rooms often offer many different styles of Jacuzzis, fountains, and pools.

auto hotel room with jacuzzi
If you book the more luxury auto hotel rooms you can expect amenities like jacuzzi and more.

What amenities are offered?

If you’re into S & M, obviously nothing hardcore. You can buy hardcore stuff, totally up to you. They even serve food there. And the food could be quite good. They also have premium liquors. We are not talking cheap, low class, you can certainly do that.

But if you want to enjoy an actual experience of it, which I really recommend, splurge a little. It can be really fun! And again, I’ve seen rooms with many different themes. You can can look them up in different places, and they’re just really interesting to see how the auto hotel matches the room to the theme.

sexual toys in a love hotel
Some love hotels will even provide a basket of toys if you book it.

Should You Stay at an Auto Hotel?

These hotels are not something you will find anywhere in the world other than Mexico, Central America, and even into northern Latin America. And I think it is starting to trickle down into the southern part of South America. If you’re a traveler thinking of staying in one of these, it can be a fun way to see this aspect of the culture, just like you would any other type of experience.

As I said, we really loved exploring this side of accommodation in Central America.

How to Book an Auto Hotel

And again, if you’re really interested in staying in one, look up “auto hotel”, not “love hotel. Love hotel is how we’re interpreting it—these are called Auto Hotels and you’d be surprised how often you can find one near where ever you’re traveling.

The majority of auto hotels have a website, and obviously go for the ones that cost more money. There is a reason why they cost more money. The sanitation of it, first of all, is crucial. So they’re able to hire better staff to keep it clean. We have never seen any issues with that.

The service is better at the nicer auto hotels as well, as far as the food and the alcohol is concerned. And also what you could buy regarding the different toys and the different attractions and the different designs of the rooms as well.

So again, if you want to try something different, something new, this is it.

red light with drinks and books

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Last Updated on January 30, 2024

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