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What Goes Into Choosing The Best Camera In 2022?

Searching for the best camera is easier said than done, especially today when there are plenty of options in the market. And it doesn’t help that people keep talking about megapixels, viewfinder type, mirrorless technology, and other technical terms, which can be very confusing. So, in this article, we will break down these things to let you determine what the best camera is for you.


Cameras cost money. So, determine your budget first. 

The easiest way to do this is to narrow down your price window. Thousands can show up in your search results if you search for cameras under $1000. But, if you narrow it down between $1000 to $800, you will have a more manageable list.

Once you’ve got that right, try thinking about other accessories you may need or want with your camera. Don’t spend all of your money on the camera body. 

Types of camera

If you now have the ideal budget in your mind, it’s time to determine what type of camera you should buy. 

Typically speaking, you will have four options.

Point and Shoot Cameras

This camera is generally the most beginner-friendly out of the four. Compact and convenient, point-and-shoot cameras have an automatic mood for no-knowledge-required photography. 

Unfortunately, they’ll only have a non-interchangeable, built-in lens. Though, it does have a wide range of zoom.

Bridge Cameras

If you like the concept of the point-and-shoot camera but want something better, the bridge camera should suit you perfectly. It may still have a non-interchangeable lens, but it does offer you more control over your camera settings, with improved ergonomics, a larger grip, and a more rugged body.


Classic and fancy-looking, DSLRs are for those who want a camera with big lenses and an array of buttons. Lower-end DSLRs can give you plenty of control and good image quality, with higher-end ones having advanced features like complex autofocus tracking, continuous shooting, and ultra-rugged frames. You’ll also find all sorts of lenses, flashes, and other gadgets that can give different effects.

Mirrorless Systems

This is the most popular camera to date. It has almost all the similar features of a DSLR. But with a smaller body. They offer great versatility and quality, and many believe that mirrorless cameras are the future.


Once you have settled on what camera to choose, the next step is to understand sensors. There are three points you need to understand before you choose a sensor.

Size – Generally speaking, the bigger your sensor is, the better the image quality. That is why big sensors are always expensive. 

Resolution – A high megapixel resolution lets you have larger prints and cropping latitudes. But it comes with drawbacks, such as filling up your memory card faster and reducing high-ISO capabilities.

High-ISO capabilities – ISO is your camera’s light sensitivity. And the higher it is, the more sensitive your camera will be. Unfortunately, it’s hard to determine a camera with high-ISO capabilities since it can depend on the sensor technology. So try to read reviews, especially if you are into low light photography.

Lens quality

The lens can vary in price depending on some factors. Some can let plenty of light in, while others can produce sharp and undistorted images. So choosing the perfect lens is just like choosing the perfect camera. If you are a beginner, spend time with the kit lens first and work your way there to find the right upgrade.

Here are some of our favorite Canon RF lenses if you have a compatible camera.


Choosing the best camera depends on what you intend to do with it. So if you know anyone who wants to buy a camera, share this article to give an idea of what might suit their needs. 

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