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What Every RV Needs: The Basic Essentials for Every Trip

Depending on the RV that comes through your driveway, it may need several levels of sprucing up. With the open road leading to nearly endless adventures ahead, it helps to have a fully equipped mobile home to accompany you through each journey.Having the correct gear and supplies ensures your safety and ability.We’ve compiled a list of items for our What Every RV Needs for newcomer.

You can read on Camper Front how essential it is to have a sufficiently loaded RV before that first trip and the ones after that. Having the correct gear and supplies ensures your safety and the ability to take on the challenges of adventuring through those wondrous wild spaces.

The abundance of niche pieces could have first-timers scratching their heads trying to figure out what they need.

What Every RV Needs

Basics Items You Need for Every RV Trip

National parks and other off-the-grid locations hold the promise of an exciting and fulfilling time. However, how good of a time you actually end up having in these spaces could depend on what’s stored in your RV. Fail to equip your mobile home with a number of the following stuff, and you could be in for a not-so-pleasant experience.

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Emergency Essentials

Clothing and camping gear aside, you need emergency-focused mechanical gear to help you remain safe on your travels. Regardless of the type of RV, you’d do well to bring a few of these items to help address the potential challenges of cutting yourself off from civilization.

  • Portable Generator

You never know when you might need extra power or if your RV’s electrical source starts acting up. Being away from the closest civilized location means you may need to secure a portable generator. A model that can power some lights and a cellphone charger should be enough. You still want to embrace the outdoors in all its raw glory, after all.

  • Electrical Adapters

You may need at least a couple of electrical adapters for devices that aren’t compatible with your RV’s system. Item-to-system or system-to-system incompatibilities occur far more often than you realize, so it’s best to be prepared. After all, you could only just be getting to know your RV and are yet to be aware of the ins and outs of its operation.

  • Other Emergency Items

A duct tape, flashlight, fire extinguisher, and emergency road kit are items that shouldn’t be missing from your RV. Duct tape sticks strongly to almost anything, which makes it an ideal temporary fix for cracks, breaks, and punctures on some of your devices. You need a flashlight and fire extinguisher for obvious reasons, and an emergency kit ensures the RV’s occupants get the first-aid care they need on the road.

Clothing Essentials

When packing for the road, it’s best to keep things light and not overpack. That said, make it a point to choose clothing items that actually make sense to wear outdoors, such as backpacking or hiking apparel.

Warmth and comfort should be your main priority since nights in the wilderness can get quite chilly. Everyday adventure clothes should function similarly but also be built for adventure.

These are some must-have clothing items for RV adventures:

You could want to either add or remove to this list, depending on your destination.

Camping Essentials

As a first-time RV-er, your outdoor experience is likely to depend heavily on your camping gear. You may not be quite as attuned to nature yet and are unable to seek complete satisfaction from its rawness. For that reason, the following items are recommended, so you still acquire outdoor fulfillment, regardless.

  • Camping chair
  • Fishing gear
  • Wood and hatchet
  • GPS
  • NOAA weather radio
  • Outdoor grill
  • Tents
  • Best flashlight

Just because you have an RV, that doesn’t mean you want to spend most of your time in the wilderness hanging out inside it. Camping gear ensures transitioning to your nature-loving version becomes easier. It helps you appreciate what these wild spaces have to offer, so you’d be willing to experience them in a less technology-disrupted setting in the future.

Prepare Yourself

More than preparing the right gear and supplies, you need to get your mind and body ready for an on-the-road adventure. While a suited-up camper van should make that easier, wild spaces such as national parks are littered with challenges that require stronger physical and mental fortitude. Off-the-grid locations may come as a shocking surprise to those used to city life, and a bit of self-reflection could be needed to assess one’s individual readiness for these regions.

The Basic Essentials Help Ensure a Safe and Fulfilling Trip

To an RV newcomer, a tour of the outdoors may hold a lot of uncertainties. Part of having peace of mind on this journey is to secure all the essential items for your adventure. Make a checklist of the above-mentioned items. Feel free to add or remove to that list depending on your destination. More than the excitement and enjoyment, this should help ensure safety for you and your loved ones throughout the trip.

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