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What Can the British Learn From a Trip to Central America?

Many people interested in traveling can’t really see what small, less developed countries like the ones of Central America have to offer other than jungles and beaches. Well, even if they are tiny, 3rd world countries they have loads to offer and I’m not talking only about sightseeing.

After a lot of traveling, I have seen tons of interesting things that can be learned if you take your time to explore an area and get off of the traveler’s road.

So, if you are interested in really experiencing the true culture of each country, the best option is to immerse yourself and explore the smaller towns. Where things are not targeted for tourists, where people are nicer.

Things to be learned traveling Central America:

Some of these might sound a bit obvious, but knowing them and learning them as something you will actually apply in your life is a very different thing.

1. Look at how poor they are! But they seem so happy, do I really need everything I want, to be happy?
2. See how much water they have? It is almost nothing (for our standards), yet somehow it is enough for the whole family.
3. This is a city, not a tiny town, yet people look a lot more relaxed and happy.
4. Wherever I go I find friendly, smiling people! It feels so good; maybe I should smile more, and be kinder, even to strangers.
5. Caring and loving their natural resources is a huge thing in the, still alive, Mayan Culture, maybe we all should follow their example.

Also looking at cultural celebrations and dances is great way to learn about the history of the local people.

What if you don’t have the money to travel?

You feel you don’t have the money to spend a lot of time, really soaking in everything that Central America has to offer? Well an option that is becoming pretty popular because of how convenient it is, is using loans to finance the trip, or part of it. This allows people to assure they have enough money for the trip, which means relaxed travelers. If you are relaxed you are more likely to enjoy and learn from everything you see. Plus they are easy to get! And most importantly, you don’t wait to have your trip ONE DAY, you can do it now and enjoy what life has to offer.

Although this is mainly for all Brits out there, all citizens from first world countries can take advantage of these ideas and find ways to travel.

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