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What Bulgarian Cities Are Most Interesting for Tourism?

As Bulgaria is a very small country in Eastern Europe it had been underestimated by tourists all over the world for quite some time. However, people have revealed the true treasure Bulgaria in the last ten years, turning it into one of the best choices for a quick vacation. There are many spots worth recognition in the country and here are some Bulgarian cities that are surely worth the quick flight!

  1. Sofia

Sofia is the biggest city and the capital of Bulgaria. It has become an interesting place for both aged tourists and younger people as it offers a little something for every taste.  First of all, it is a very historical place to check out. You can see the trace of time on every corner in the small streets of the central area. Most of the old buildings are renovated, as well as the pavement on the streets.

What is very interesting is that the government here refuses to give up the older tram machines as they surely add up to the archaic feeling in the city. The two tram lines 20 and 22 offer a great route through the whole city, so they can give you a full ride through the center and are a great and fast way to move around the central area! When it comes to nightlife, Sofia offers a great variety of activities. If you are an art fan, you can always enjoy a late walk in a gallery or a theater or opera performance, but if you are looking for a place to enjoy a glass of Bulgarian wine, there are many small spots and bars in the small central streets to check out!

Air view of the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria
  1. Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo had been the capital of Bulgaria for quite some time in the past. Therefore, the place is loaded with historical sights. The city is arranged in a terraced manner and what we observe literally everywhere is a great view from every balcony in the Old Town.

A lovely reminder is to bring a pair of sneakers or trainers because one of the most mesmerizing things to check is Tsarevets – the ruins of the castle and the fort. The whole thing was built on a rock, so keep in mind that the most comfortable and beautiful months to go there are in spring for the best experience in the city!

  1. Plovdiv

Seeing Plovdiv is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in its area in Bulgaria. It offers a great cultural vibe. There are many cultural events throughout the whole year and you can never be lonely or alone there even if you go there on your own.

People there are so welcoming and warm, that you will feel at home with your very first step there! The old town is a wonderful spot to spend a whole day looking at all the old houses and house museums from the Bulgarian Enlightenment period. On the other hand, in the evening the same area called Kapana (in translation ‘the Catcher’) turns into the hipster heart of the city offering many different small bars, clubs, and restaurants providing you with the most vibrant urban experience you may need!

Bulgaria has been a hidden gem for quite some time! However, today this is one of the top destinations for tourists. It is a highly historical country and still attracts many young people with its exquisite nightlife and affordable prices!

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