What Are the Benefits of Making Your Hotel Pet-Friendly?

Bringing a pet along during a holiday trip may still seem like an unusual thing for most people, but it’s slowly becoming a consideration for owners who don’t want to leave their companion animals to a sitter.

Traditionally, hotels have protocols to follow, especially in terms of sanitation and accommodating all types of guests with varying preferences. And this is especially so with pet-friendly hotels, which will require regular carpet cleaning, even more regularly than hotels that do not allow pets, from someone like this commercial carpet cleaning services in Des Moines, IA to ensure that they are clean for both those who are bringing animals with them and those who are not. 

In some instances, this makes bringing pets to the hotel a non-negotiable. However, as times change, so do consumers’ attitudes. There’s now a growing demand for pet-friendly hotel, and here’s why and how you should get in on the trend. There’s now a growing demand for pet-friendly hotel, and here’s why and how you should get in on the trend.

Developments in recent years have increased the number of pet owners worldwide, viewing pets as essential emotional support during stressful events. Because of this, pet owners have become less inclined to keep their pets at home, especially when they’re enjoying themselves on holiday.

pet-friendly hotel
Travelers who are close to their pets and want to take them along on trips and holidays now provide a market opportunity for pet-friendly hotels and accommodation for travelers with their pets.

Pet Owners Are More Willing to Shell Out Cash for Their Pets

Owners who are close with their pets, whether this is for practical reasons (i.e., they’re bringing along a service animal) or simply because of emotional attachment, are willing to spend more for their furry friends. In 2016 alone, pet owners spent at least USD66 billion for their companions. Much of this was spent buying products that would make their pets’ lives more comfortable.

If you’re considering opening your hotel’s doors to pups, start investing in feeding equipment, dog blankets, and high-quality wholesale dog beds, among other things.

More and More People Are Traveling with Their Pets

Even major hotel chains, like the Hilton’s Extended Hotels, are starting to see the upside to lending pets a room. This is in consideration to owners who don’t want to leave behind their pets during travels. At the same time, the benefits of traveling with your favorite furry companion undoubtedly give a sense of comfort for both owner and pet.

While admittedly, most efforts by hotels to be pet-inclusive are still in the pilot stages, this seems like a trend that’s here to stay. Striking while the iron is hot is the best way to make the most of the things.

It Can Help Build Brand Loyalty

We’ve made the case for owners willing to splurge for their pets; now, imagine building your brand to target that market. Showing a genuine interest in keeping their pets happy, comfortable, and secure throughout their stay in your hotel will win you points for eager pet owners. You won’t need to sacrifice the comfort of other guests, though.

An organized plan to accommodate both pet owners and their pets will prevent any dreaded messes and headaches. This shows customers that you’re committed to providing the best type of service to everyone—pets included. 

It Can Help Keep Your Hotel Booked All Year

You may not think much about a pet-inclusive hotel during peak season, but pet owners traveling even after the holidays need a place to stay, too. Keep your business afloat even during the quiet months of the year by letting owners book with their pets.

There’s never a slow season when you adjust your target to include this growing clientele. Interest in pet-friendly hotels won’t just boost sales, it will give you a loyal customer base, too. Again, showing your commitment to accommodate their pets will make companion animal owners more inclined to trust your brand and encourage them to invest in it. 

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It’s an Opportunity to Expand Your Service Offerings

There’s definitely a lot of room for innovation when you’re exploring new terrain. While it’s not exactly novel at this point, most hotels are still yet to catch up to the concept of a pet-friendly business. You can be one of the pioneers of this lucrative venture by looking at the opportunities it brings.

Offering services related to pet care, like grooming and room service with safe meals for pets, will win over owners’ hearts. This shows how much you put a primer on pet comfort and safety, and, by extension, owner satisfaction.

Final Words

Discrimination against pets in hotels is a thing of the past. More and more, high-end accommodations are opening their doors for owners and their companions for a variety of reasons. These include owners’ increasing preference to travel with their pets, and owners’ worry about leaving pets alone with sitters or at home.

Although it’s yet to be a full-blown craze, you’ll find it to your advantage that you’re one of the first trailblazers to accommodate pets in your hotel business. You’ll be able to build brand loyalty, attract potential new customers willing to pay extra for their pets, and even explore more innovative ways of dealing with your business.

In addition, you’ll keep your hotel busy the entire year as you welcome travelers coming in with their pets year-round.

Doing so will not only give you an advantage over competitors, but will also let you expand your hotel’s clientele as well.

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Last Updated on December 19, 2023

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