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Whale Shark Diving In Western Australia: The Other Side Of Underwater

How would you like to swim next to the largest fish in the ocean? The whale shark is a carnivorous fish that eats plankton and can grow to be 40 feet long or about the size of a bus. Those who have been able to experience being side-by-side with these magnificent creatures describe the experience as “life-changing” and “mesmerizing.”Learn all about whale shark diving In Western Australia.Take a look at this article to whale shark diving details.

Whale Shark Diving in Australia

These beautiful creatures are listed as “vulnerable” species, but they can be found in many of the warmer seas all over the world. Each spring, they migrate to the west coast of Australia to an area called Ningaloo Reef. They come for the abundance of plankton created when the coral in the area spawns. This provides one of the best opportunities to be able to swim with whale sharks.

Even though these whale sharks are huge, they are very unassuming and will sometimes allow visitors to come close. Divers have a unique once- in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy a zen-like experience with these splendid creatures. However, conservation rules require that divers keep a distance in order to allow the whale shark to feed and swim in their habitat without interruption. But don’t worry, you can still get close and you can still get that amazing underwater photo of you swimming next to a giant whale shark.

Fortunately, you don’t need to do a ton of research or track the whales’ migration to be able to get up close. There are WA Fishing’s whale shark diving tours that take care of all of the details to make your trip an amazing experience. WA Fishing’s whale shark diving tours services that get thousands of international visitors each year. In addition to know where to go to see the whales, the experts of WA Fishing can find dolphins, corals, turtles, dugongs, and manta rays. Whatever you are interested in seeing, these local tour guides know how to make it come true.

Whale diving isn’t just for the experienced scuba diver. There are snorkeling tours and diving tours with classes first so you can feel confident about going into the water. Fortunately, whale fish swim extremely slow so you don’t need to be a sprint swimmer to keep up with them. You can float and doggie paddle alongside of them and enjoy one of the most unique experiences there is to be had on earth all the same.

The best tours know not only about the sea and the creatures in it, but they can also tell you about the surrounding communities and how the people have used the sea to survive for thousands of years. Look for a tour that is knowledgeable about the indigenous people in the area and will provide a truly educational experience.

Other things to ensure your tour company provides are a light meal and access to bathroom facilities throughout the day. If you are planning any travel in Australia, be sure to include a dive with whale sharks in your itinerary and make a trip to the western coast.

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  1. I’m scared of the ocean really, what’s under that is. Yet we still booked our trip bound to Western Australia two weeks from now. I’ve been talked to about whale watching and stuff, I saw the pictures and videos and I’m a bit hesitant still. But I am willing to give it a try and I hope I’ll be able to swim with the huge whale and make a great adventure out of it.

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