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Why is the West Highland Way Such a Popular Walking Route?

Spanning 96 miles, the West Highland Way is Scotland’s first long-distance walk. Running from Milngavie (just above Glasgow) to Fort William, it takes you through a number of different terrains, offering a variety of walking experiences and plenty of adventures.Four reasons why you would fall in love with hiking the West Highland Way.Take a look at this article with hiking the West Highland Way.

West Highland Way Scotland

Why Walking the West Highland Way Is So Popular:

It’s So Varied

Throughout the 96 miles of this route, you’ll experience a whole host of different insights into Scotland. From enjoying the hustle and bustle of one its largest cities when you set off, to skirting around one of its largest lochs (Loch Lomond) before walking towards the Highlands, this walk is hailed for how it shows you so much of Scotland. See burns, lochs, towns and villages, not to mention wild landscapes, and be prepared for West Highland Way leaving you wanting to see even more of Scotland.

After all, there’s nothing more enjoyable than leaving mobile phone signals and stresses of everyday life behind as you walk further into its peaceful depths.

It’s Family-Friendly

Although the entire route isn’t child-friendly, there are a number of walking companies and tour operators offering walking holidays that are suited to all ages. These family programmes include transfers and train journeys that enable you to skip the tougher aspects of the walk but without missing too much along the way. This is the perfect way to get the kids involved in your passion for hiking while also visiting new destinations as you go along.

West Highland Way Scotland

Equally, even if you aren’t taking kids, you can still take advantage of these specialist companies with baggage transfers and accommodation – ideal if you don’t fancy wild camping at night!

It’s Got Plenty of Wildlife

Along the West Highland Way, you may come across a variety of different animals, from red deer to red squirrels and frogs to golden eagles. Not only that but there’s plenty of plant species waiting to be discovered, too, including a variety of pretty flowers that add to the breathtaking views you’ll stumble across.

It’s Easy to Navigate

Unlike some popular rambling routes, the West Highland Way is very well maintained and signposted throughout so you don’t have to be an avid map reader to find your way around. And with plenty of refreshments, services and accommodation en route, you can take as long as you like to complete this 96-mile walk.

From Loch Lomond’s waterside paths to the remoteness of Rannoch Moor and the vastness of Glencoe’s mountain range, it’s not hard to see why the West Highland Way is one of Scotland’s most famous and popular walking routes.

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