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West Bay Roatan – Photo Tour

Finding where to visit on Roatan is not an easy task. When you start doing research you will have tons of options fly in your face.

You can either have a taste of many parts, if you don’t mind the moving around, or settle on one.

We did the many parts, but by far our favorite one was West Bay, Roatan.

kayakers in the caribbean sea of roatan honduras

The fact that you need a water taxi to get around to the other parts, makes it that much more fun.

kid fun in water taxi roatan honduras

The Sunsets are breathtaking

sunset in west bay roatan honduras bay islands

Tons of vendors on the beach, interestingly enough – don’t bother you

beach vendors hoarding the beachgoers roatan honduras

The Caribbean Sea- need I say more?

caribbean sea roatan honduras bay islands

Topping off the day!

view of dock sunset luxury boutique hotel west bay, roatan honduras

2 thoughts on “West Bay Roatan – Photo Tour

  1. We recently visited West Bay Beach and were constantly hounded by vendors selling goods and trying to braid your hair or give you a massage. I understand that they need to earn money but the same people kept coming back several times even after being told “no thank you.” This ruined an otherwise relaxing beach day. It was totally impossible to relax unless you were in the water.

    1. Yeah, it’s becoming harder and harder, some beaches and areas actually are putting up borders and it is illegal for vendors to come to you and bother you,

      it’s a pity

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