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Wellness: CBD Can Improve Athletes’ Quality of Life Without Directly Impacting Performance

Wellness: CBD can improve athletes’ quality of life without directly impacting performance

The World Anti-Doping Agency permits the use of CBD in athletic training and sports competitions. 

For this reason, the number of athletes who exploit the plant’s beneficial properties to obtain better results is growing.

Although the molecule does not directly impact performance, it can nevertheless be a valuable ally in improving the living conditions of athletes. For example, CBD can contribute to the reduction of muscle pain or combat the situation of anxiety and stress that athletes are often forced to face.

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Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic

As we have seen, the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD have already been known for quite some time. The substance acts on inflammatory markers and controls their activity, decreasing the production of free radicals, thus offering a pain-relieving effect and reducing inflammatory states.

Muscle relaxant and mildly sedative

The muscle relaxant effect of CBD is ideal for those who practice sports as it reduces the risk of contractures and tension caused by muscle overload. Furthermore, the substance causes a mild anxiolytic effect, which is also beneficial for those who are often anxious.


One of the most important effects recently attributed to CBD is that of neuro-protective, as it protects brain cells in trauma and concussions and against some degenerative pathological forms.

When to take CBD if you play sports

Cannabidiol from 2018 is no longer considered a doping substance. However, it is always advisable to buy legal CBD and weakened derivatives of tetra-cannabidiol, because the presence of THC in the blood could jeopardize the negativity of any surprise examinations carried out before sports competitions. Many people wonder when it is best to take CBD to ensure the best sports performance: it is generally preferable to administer the cannabinoid in the morning after a full breakfast or in the evening before bedtime, always at a safe distance from training and competitions and with a certain constancy. Such timings allow CBD to be adequately metabolized and have the desired effects.

The recruitment methods remain among the most varied. However, they do not affect the effectiveness of the active principle: cannabidiol can be taken sublingually, using CBD oil, vaporized as in the case of CBD crystals or vaped using-liquid al CBD. Alternatively, you can choose to resort to using marijuana with legal marijuana and medical cannabis, provided that the conditions established by the Ministry of Health are met.

Benefits of CBD oil for athletes

All smart athletes and sportsmen can take advantage of CBD effectively and safely, whether it is the sportsman who practices intense daily activities or the ” occasional athlete ” who chooses to play sports to keep fit. 

CBD oil helps improve sports performance, as the same CBD can reduce anxiety without changing thinking and mood. Recommended during competitions, it reduces the fear of failure by keeping the mind sharp and active in case strategic decisions need to be made extremely quickly and immediately.

This cannabinoid also promotes recovery from training: unlike other anti-inflammatory preparations, CBD does not increase heart rate and does not cause stomach upset but, on the contrary, controls the causes of swelling, inflammation and muscle pain while preserving the cells. 

Assume CBD oil facilitates recovery from training and possible injuries and is an effective antiemetic against nausea that can often occur, especially if sporting activity appears particularly intense. In addition, this derivative also involves the so-called chemical hunger: therefore acts as an appetite stimulant, an excellent action for those who practice combat sports or which involve a considerable expenditure of energy.

CBD oil has high-quality legal and weakened derivatives: which is the ideal choice for athletes who want to improve their performance naturally, without any risk.

And, as CBD is now legal, more and more online stores offer top-quality CBD, such as Justbob, e-commerce that stands out as a leader in the legal cannabis sector.

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