5 Unusual and Weird Places to Visit in Pennsylvania You Need to Visit

It’s a well-known fact Pennsylvania or PA is one of the most iconic states in the country. Famous for the cheesecake sandwich, Amish America, and the original colony of the US. Those things have cooked the perfect recipe for unusual and weird places to visit in PA.

There are a lot of people that solely travel around the states looking for interesting places to visit. Those places range from weird, terrific, to taboo places. Weird-looking houses to museums, caves, and even a ghost town. 

The hunger for the unknown is strong in human beings, and traveling is one of the best ways to satisfy it. You will be able to see different sites, learn about their history, and you will be able to discover their mysteries. There is nothing more rewarding than visiting places that are not frequented and have an aura of mystery around them.

 So, whether you want to visit unusual places or just visit fenicci’s of Hershey, go get your flight tickets and your hotel reservation and get ready to take a deep look at the unusual places to visit in Pennsylvania

Gettysburg Day Trip from Washington DC
A cannon in a cemetery at Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania,USA.

Weird Places in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to an amazing part of the United States. Being the first colony of the country is home of the Liberty bell. America’s most famous independence symbol. But we are not here to discuss history. 


Located in Aristes, this ghost town was one time a prosperous coal town. Sitting on top of a rich vein of coal. Everything started back in the 80′ after a little boy fell into a huge hole (150-food) that appeared out of nowhere in his backyard. After that, in 1984 all residents of Centralia were relocated.

Most of the buildings were destroyed, giving way to what is known today as Centralia, the ghost town. The fire, the trees, and the hostile landscape of desert streets without buildings make this city a mysterious landscape, making it one of the most unique places to visit in PA.

Ringing Rocks Park

At upper black eddy in Pennsylvania, you can find the ringing rocks park. This park is full of mysterious rocks that ring musically when struck with something. But not all rocks ring like a bell, in fact only a third of the rocks ring. Until now there’s no clear reason why the rock ring. 

Many tests have been done by scientists throughout the years, but the reason is still unknown. Many people try to take rocks with them in an attempt to preserve them but it is useless as they lose their ability to sound when separated from the other rocks.

Mount Moriah Cemetery

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Image from Wikipedia

Located in Philadelphia, this old cemetery lies between the forest. Time, nature, and vegetation have done their work swallowing the ruins of the cemetery, which gives it a nice abandoned look. 

The Mount Moriah Cemetery opened in 1855 it used to be the largest burial site in PA after its expansion to nearly 400 more acres. One of the most curious things about the cemetery is that no one owns it. Yeah, when the last member of the Association died a long time ago, the whole cemetery was left abandoned. 

Haines Shoe House

This amazing attraction is located on the side of a road in Hellam Township, Yorklyn. A shoe-shaped house was built in 1949. The current residents bought the house in 2015, and they even do guided tours around the house, it’s an interesting and unique place to visit in PA.

Mattress Factory

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Image from npr.org

Located in Pittsburgh this Mattress Factory was first a warehouse shared by artists living together and doing art exhibits. In 1982 it was converted into a non-profit organization and opened its very first exhibition. 

This iconic museum is well known for its artist residency program and amazing exhibitions. This contemporary museum has its name for its location at a  Stearns & Foster Mattress Factory Warehouse. And it’s considered one of the best facilities for art in the country


This is just a glance at all the weird and unusual places to visit in Pennsylvania. As you can see, this historical state has a lot to offer. There’s a ton more weird places in PA, Like Joe’s bar in Ligonier and Trundle Manor in Swissvale, just to name a few. 

So book flight tickets, get your hotel and start your adventure as soon as you can. 

Last Updated on March 5, 2023

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