BeckyJack’s Food Shack: Searching for Weeki Wachee Restaurants and Finding a Gem

When doing a search for Weeki Wachee Restaurants you come up with very few cool options. They are mainly chains like Olive Garden and Crackle Barrel.  Not exactly memorable restaurants that are unique to the area, especially because the last time I ate at an Olive Garden was in Times Square, NY. In other words, you can find these restaurants everywhere. Check out my beckyjack’s food shack review in Hernando County!

So who do you turn to when you need a local’s expert opinion? The Hernando County Tourism board. Tammy and Ruby know this area inside and out. So when we arrived to BeckyJack’s Food Shack we literally did a little dance in the rain (and it was pouring) about how excited we were to find this most adorable place.

Another great option is Leslie’s Bistro, also in Hernando Beach.

Note: BeckyJack’s Food Shack is closed permanently, this legacy post serves as a reminder of the awesomeness and history of the place.

beckyjacks food shack

Beckyjack’s Food Shack

From the road, it can pass off as a trailer with seating outdoors. The only true indicator it is a restaurant is a funky sign and a welcome light on the door.

kids at the entrance of becky jacks food shack

But once inside, you are taken into the fun and wacky world of Kim and Joe.  And lucky for us, we got to meet Kim. And she is one of those people that is truly larger than life. The restaurant might be small, but there is nothing small about it at all.

The place mainly specializes in seafood but also has American fare. However, we ordered most of our food from the fun menu specials.

specials of becky jacks weeki wachee

And when the food started coming out, we thought there was some mistake. The portions were huge, absolutely delicious, and dirt cheap!

four cheese grill cheese sandwich at beckyjacks food shack restaurant

When Kim came over to say her hellos, she asked how everything is going. With a full mouth, I was like, “Its so much food. But I can’t stop eating it, it’s too good.” She laughed and said, “That’s what we do here – give you tons of food.”

We started the dinner with gumbo soup.

fresh seafood gumbo soup at beckyjack's food shack

I ordered the Crunchy fish and shrimp platter. As much as I tried, I simply couldn’t finish it. The fillet was fresh and insanely large. Plus, I had almost a dozen shrimp and homemade mac and cheese. I took it home, and it literally was enough for an entire meal the next day for lunch.

fried fish and shrimp platter

My husband is on a mussels kick, and he ordered the one pound of mussels, and the waiter was recommending the two pounds. Plus all the dishes came with salad.

steamed mussels

And you can’t be in Florida and not have Key Lime pie.

key lime pie

And you have to get the local brewery beer sampler platter. You can find out where each beer comes from and decide which is your favorite. This was a perfect way to end our busy day of watching Weeki Wachee mermaids right before heading home to bed.

beer sampler taste test

But the best part of visiting this absolute diamond-in-the-rough is the story behind the name. Actually, it is a poignant tale, and I am grateful that I had a chance to chat with Kim and hear the full story.

Before Kim and Joe arrived the place was a restaurant owned by a local lady for over 30 years – Becky. She had long stopped with the restaurant and has already passed away, but the sign to the original place existed. Kim, being a self-proclaimed ‘Mush Head’ (how she calls herself on her website) wanted to save the sign. So Joe built the whole bar with all the funky cool collectibles that make up the place the way it is today.

beckyjacks food shack

The Jack part of the name comes from their good friend and partner, Jacko, who also passed away. Becky and Jacko never met, but they both had special places in Kim and Joe’s hearts. And one common denominator – they both loved beer. The name of the place was born as a memorial for both these people and nightly Kim and Joe will take out two glasses of beer and toast them.

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How to Find BeckyJack’s Food Shack

Address: 8070 Cortez Boulevard, Weeki Wachee, Florida

Phone: 352-610-4412

Weeki Wachee Restaurants – BeckyJack’s Food Shack Review


Last Updated on April 12, 2023

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  1. It’s very late here, but reading and seeing your pics put me in the mood for some food. Wonderful pics and a great read. Thanks.

  2. Mussels Mussels Definitely. That is why i love doing road trips around coastal resorts

  3. The food looks heavenly! The gumbo is making my mouth water. I don’t know if I would be able to pick a favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I use to go to Beckys every weekend for Breakfast..
    Best around… I will have to swing by and maybe have lunch
    There with Y’all someday… Happy

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